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A Compendium

Dhruv C. Katoch

Pentagon Press, New Delhi, 2012, pp. 564, Rs.4500.00


The book is a compilation of the defence capabilities and defence economics of 165 countries across the world. Each of these countries has been profiled alphabetically in a manner that is both visually appealing and easy to comprehend and understand. The focus of the work is on providing accurate, credible and objective information on the military databases of the countries which have been covered. The Brahmand World Defence Update 2012 is an initiative of BrahMos Aerospace; this book is a maiden venture that aims to cover all aspects of modern defence technology, requirements, procurements and programmes of the countries of the world and also provide useful military data with up- to-date figures and information on their defence budgets and equipment holdings. The data on arms and equipment has been presented in tables which make for easy comprehension and analysis. The lay reader will find the book useful as a reference work, especially when data has to be extracted pertaining to equipment holding and budgets. The analysis provided in the book on internal and external threat perspectives of the subject country, past wars, present military conflicts and its alliances with other countries make for interesting and informative reading. While the details perforce cannot be exhaustive, they are adequate to give the reader a general sense of the security environment of that country and a reasonable idea of the country’s overall military strength. The book is also informative with respect to military structures and organizations, manpower holdings, modernization programmes, contracts, requests for proposals and future procurement plans. It also lists details of the subject country’s defence industry with reference to its defence production capability, resource and development, past procurements and future procurement plans. In addition, it lists procurement agencies and organizations. It is thus a useful tool for research wherein a large amount of information can be readily obtained from a single source. Analysis in greater detail has been carried out for 17 of the more important countries giving an overview of the security environment, threat perspectives and strategic relations. While not exhaustive, it nevertheless gives a reasonable idea of the issues involved and makes a good learning start point for a scholar wishing to get involved in the subject. The book is a well-researched reference work and would make a useful addition to libraries which have a clientele interested in defence and security related issues. At Rs 4,500 the book appears to be ...

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