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Vishesh Unni Raghunathan

By Himanjali Sankar. Illustrations by Pooja Pottenkulam
Duckbill Books, Chennai, 2013, pp. 140, Rs. 199.00

By Ken Spillman. Illustrations by Anu Biswas
Young Zubaan, New Delhi, 2012, pp. 56, Rs. 125.00


Mrs. Ghosh has two daughters, Kaavya and Anya, and a rather unruly dog, Rousseau who can tell the time. A trick which might seem strange to everyone, but one which proves useful when time disappears!   Orange Maramaladies are the official time keepers of the world. Once upon a time they interacted freely with humans, teaching them about time and even helping them work with it. But one day about 5500 years ago when the Chip of The Old Block, a piece from the first sundial built by the humans is inserted into the Perfect Om inside the Master Clock, the creatures from the Black Hole of Timedisappear from the human sight! The Marmaladies who were fond of humans now feel unloved and disappointed and try various means to catch their attention.   Oran Marma, the chief scientist of the Marmaladies decides to solve the issue by taking out the Chip out of the Prefect Om. The Marmaladies gear up for a grand reappearance to human vision, only for it to end in disappointment—though time disappears and the world is thrown into disarray, the humans still cannot see them. The Ghoshs of course are unfazed by the issue as they have Rousseau, who could still tell the time. Soon, a reporter meets the girls and the dog at the park, with Anjana, their house help. A T.V. channel airs a show with them and soon the dog and the family are propelled into stardom! Everyone wants a piece of them, including the Prime Minister of the country and the Royal Society in London who want to study the brains of the marvellous canine.   Himanjali Sankar writes with wit, sarcasm and flair, though snarky at a few places. The story moves fast enough and is enjoyable. The book can be divided into two segments, one with Rousseau and the Ghoshs and the fantasy side of things with the Marmaladies.   The world going into disarray leads up well to throw the family into the spotlight and the excitement which follows is understandable. Stories with fantastic elements tend to edge more into fantasy rather than reality, but in this book the author has tried to blend the two worlds, though there is more of reality than the Marmaladies’ side of the story. The Marmaladies are used as a reason, with the dog stealing the show. One is left wanting to learn more about these ...

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