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Rich Fare for Little Ones

Pragati Gupta

Colour—Colour Kamini/Mallipoo, Where Are You?   Both by Radhika Chadha. Illustrations by Priya Kuriyan. Rs. 90.00 each   Both these stories have their main characters as animals, which the children love. Different social behaviour like responsibility, feeling good about oneself, helping others and your friends. All these feelings are brought out beautifully through the characters of these stories.   Birdywood Buzz / Dancing on the Wall   Both by Shaniun Padamsee. Illustrations by Ashok Rajagopalan and Uma Krishnaswamy. Rs. 150.00 & Rs. 120.00   The book Birdywood Buzz gives a description of the world of cinema. The author has used a variety of birds as characters, individually describing each of them. An interesting story for a film/cinema crazy nation. Dancing on the Wall has very beautifully got out the myth around the Warli Paintings. A child’s imagination is very vivid and transcends the borders of reality. In this book, lonely Shivri imagine the paintings on the as moon people.   Upside Down, myVk iqyVk (originally in Malayalam)   Text and illustrations by T.R. Rajesh. Rs. 95.00   A simple story, bringing out the beauty of Kerala. The concept of upside down pictures with a dramatic end can raise the child’s curiosity and help him imagine the world of the bat, children also like to look at their surroundings in the upside down posture.   Aana and Chena   By Sowmya Rajendran. Illustrations by Renuka Rajiv. Rs. 95.00   This story shows how a human is never satisfied with the way he or she looks and always look for reassurances from his friends. This however is not the case with children, but they do get apprehensive of different looking things. This story can help them overcome their fear of new things.   Gulla and the Hangul / The King and the Kiang   Both by Mariam Karim Ahlawat. Illustrations by Proiti Roy and Shalini Biswajit. Rs. 125.00 & Rs. 120.00   The story Gulla and the Hangul describes the valley of Kashmir and through Earthquake, the author in a very subtle manner talks or shows the unrest in Kashmir and how a little child with his clear heart can bring about a big change.   The story The King and the Kiang beautifully describes the valley of Sikkim. The descriptions are very vivid. The underlying message of the story is very deep, the author shows/describes how a perfect balance between humans and nature is important for Mother Earth and its inhabitants. A perfect story to make children understand the importance ...

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