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NLP--A Therapeutic Tool

Reena Jabran

Neuro Linguistic Programming—the happening technology all over the world for excellence and celebrations. Tiger woods, Andre Aggassi, Bill Gates, Obama, uses it . . .. The great communicators and leaders of our country used it and would you like the upcoming generation to use it . . .. For a stressfree childhood and a wonderful exsistence . . .. Read more . . ..   ‘Any behavior which is bizarre, crazy, full of tantrums, remember the individual is chiseling a unique identity in this world. If one can understand the positive intention behind the behavior, the entire behavior can be changed’—Neuro Linguistic Programming presupposition Any individual coming into this world craves for love, celebration and significance. We all need a lot of attention and strokes and great communication to act in this world. All of us crave for this from the time we are born to around 15 years. At the age of nine we become curious and start exploring different aspects of life.   These years are called the formative years and it is very crucial what type of information we gather from our environment—parents, teachers, peer group, siblings, the other media of information. All this information gets stored in the brain and it plays a great role in whatever action we take. This information can be useful but at the same time can also become barriers and limitations to our growth. Any thought which comes into our mind, when it gathers momentum becomes beliefs and our actions become dependent on these beliefs. Let us see what happens during this journey.   From the time we are in the mother’s womb, we are perceiving signals in the form of temperature, texture, movement, where the sensory perception of feeling is predominant. As we come out into the world, we slowly start to use the five senses (the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and touch) to interact with the world. These senses are called the windows through which we take in the world experiences. The senses are by themselves pure. Once the information is taken to the brain, the brain interprets the entire information with the available data given to us by different sources and we formulate our own thoughts. The thoughts which are in the form of pictures is converted into words and actions which are expressed in the outer world. Therefore, the quality of words and actions would depend on the quality of thoughts. Now, the actions and words are put in ...

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