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The Real Orissa

Bikash Chandra Dash

Edited by Sachidananda Satapathy
New Age Publication, Bhubaneswar, 2007, Rs. 175.00

VOLUME XXXI NUMBER 2 February 2007

Intellectuals and academicians pre-occupied with ‘armchair theorisation’ in past have been showing much sentisation towards the present socio-economic-political crisis coming forward with their research and academic skills to take up the challenges of development and the incarnation of the book titled ‘Orissa Vision 2020: Towards Building a New and Modern Orissa’ represents this divergence of past and present. The idea of such a book is innovative in the sense that the book is a statement of visions not in air but the visions coming out from research findings of the experts working in different issues of development like poverty, unemployment, industry – both large and small scale -, education, natural resource management, tourism, infrastructure, fishery and so on. Notwithstanding the fact that the articles in the book has been written on the issues, keeping in mind, the realities of Orissa, it has enoroumous potential to serve the purpose of policy makers, researchers interested in further study, NGOs working in development issues, government organisations, and general readers. High qualified and nationally and internationally highly acclaimed professors, researchers, administrators and professionals have contributed enriching the book with innovative and practical ideas with an objective of solving the pressing problems of Orissa which has become the regular victim of natures’ fury. Mr. Sahadev Sahoo, IAS, Former Principal Secretary, Government of Orissa, has forwarded the book. Dr.Shankarshana Acharya, a financial economist working in USA has attributed the underdevelopment of Orissa with factual evidence to the lack of visionary leaders and massive political corruption in the state in his article titled ‘Orissa Needs Visionary Leaders. Amit Mishra, Research Fellow, Edinburg, UK, gives importance to tourism, handicrafts and industrialization and floats the idea of micro change at the macro scale. Dr. Digamber Patra, Research, Humboldt, Germany gives priority to technological exllence and human resource development which according to him are key to development in Orissa. Devinder Sharma, a distinguished food policy analyst highlights the fact that Kalahandi and Balangir districts which has earned bad reputation for hunger deaths, has the capacity to produce duge quantity of food grain provided the irrigation facilities are made available and administrative irresponsiveness coupled with corruption is addressed at effectively. Kirthi Bhushan Pradhan, Faculty, LAICO, Madurai, focuses on how the improvement of healthcare is the cornerstone of the development. Subash C. Mohapatra, Researcher, North CorolinaState University, USA, highlights how the use of ‘Gel Hydroponic’ technology can make the plants drought tolerant, conserve ...

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