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J. Bhagyalakshmi

Mechchina Katha-I, Compiled by Cheekolu Sundarayya, Kadiyala Sahiti Pitham, Hyderabad, pp.208, Rs.70.00 Mechina Katha meaning ‘Acclaimed story’ is a collection of sixteen short stories presenting life in its varied aspects. The writers included are—Ajay Santhi, Viswanatha Reddy, Gouru Naidu, Nirmalarani, Seetharam, Chandra Latha, Pratima, Jangaiah, Bhagyalakshmi, Narendra, Ramulu, Rasani, Sri Ramana, Satyavathi, Saleem and Sampath Kumar all established writers who have made a mark with a style of their own in presenting their subject. There is a variety in themes—urban, rural, educated, uneducated, rich, poor, exploiters and the exploited, and communal consonance or dissonance—in short this collection presents the whole gamut of human relations, their intricacies and complications. A cross-section of society comes alive with its problems, conflicts, challenges and the way they are faced. All are not defeatist. In fact, there is an underlying optimistic tone. Reading this collection gives a feel of Telugu short story as it is with its myriad faces, each one as compelling as the other be it a problem related to region, religion or gender or a wide spectrum of globalization.   Swati Chinukulu, By Vemuri Balaram, Rushi Book House, Vijayawada, pp.312, Rs.99.00 Swati Chinukulu meaning ‘Swati Showers’ is a compilation of editorials written by Vemuri Balaram for the Swati Weekly, the largest circulated weekly in Andhra Pradesh which has created history and earned the title ‘Telugu magazine Moghul’ for Balaram. Balaram’s editorials which are unique in their subject and presentation touch reader’s life and serve as nuggets for better living. Each piece which is a page is conversational in style, frank and warm in tone helping the rea-der to look at himself and the world around with an analytical but friendly eye. Reading this volu-me is as pleasurable as getting drenched in first summer showers. This book has also been translated into English and Hindi. Vemuri Balaram with his rich experience as an editor who has travelled extensively with presidents and prime ministers brings his knowle-dge and observation combined with a streak of spirituality to these brief articles which reestablish that the unadorned are the best adorned.   Aksharallo Dagdhamai (Poems), By N. Gopi, Jishnu Prachuranalu, Hyderabad, pp.165, Rs.80.00 There are eighty-five poems in Aksharallo Dagdhamai (Having Burnt in Letters) published between 2003 - 2005 in popular Telugu magazines. N. Gopi is a thinker, a people’s poet who finds his themes in day-to-day life. Ordinary becomes extraordinary in his perception and ...

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