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Sally Bourne

By J.P. Kerawala
Unicorn Books, New Delhi, 2004, pp. 176, Rs. 68.00

VOLUME XXIX NUMBER 11 November 2005

I enjoyed this book very much. It had a lot of murder, mystery, theft and  sometimes, more fantasy type stories. It is made up of 5 short stories  and is good for readers aged 11 and up.         The first story, “The Witches of Waitiki”, is about a family whose car has broken down. A man on a bullcart tells them there is a village not far away called Waitiki, and along the way, the grandfather of the family keeps saying things are cursed. When they enter the village it is just a few houses. The first house they go to has a quiet man who won’t let them in. In the second house there are three women with horrible twisted features but in the last house they are let in. They say the women in the other house are witches but after the boy of the family goes on an adventure in the night he proves they are actually lepers, but whose diseases are not contagious. They live in peace.       The second story, “The Third Connection”, is about a girl called Karishma who tries to find out why three landlords are murdered in a row. She finds out that they all signed up with a partner, just before they died. She realizes that all the partners are the same person, but with different names. Then the partner sends a man to kill her but she is smart and knows how to get him—but will she succeed?       “A Dog’s Day Out” is about a dog called Cocky who sees his owner’s son go into a house when he should be in school. He sees him and some other men smoking drugs. He takes the boy’s big sister there and she ends up getting kidnapped, while Cocky is knocked out, but with the help of a few friends, Cocky manages to find her and everyone is happy.       “The Cabin At Nizams” is about a boy who goes into a different world and helps some elf men track down an elf girl even though all he wanted to do was eat chicken rolls!! He has to battle with an ogre type thing on the way but finally reaches his goal.       “Brahm’s Symphony” is about two schools who have a bet with each other over who will win the cricket match. When Brahm, a boy with his head in books, ...

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