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Mitali Mishra

Children's Book Trust Kisne Khai Maalpuve  By Amit Pande. Illustrated by Manasi Mewari A Present for Papa  By Sharmila Kantha. Illustrated by Saurabh Pandey 2003, pp.16, Rs. 18.00 each.   Indian Tales and Folk Tales  Edited by Navin Menon. Illustrated by Surendra Suman The Tiger and the Mosquito  By Mrinalini Srivasatava  Kaun Bara Illustrated by Subir Roy. Parvat ki Pukar  & Swarnlata Verma. Illustrated by Subir Roy. All published in 2003, pp. 112, 16, 16 & 64,  Rs. 85.00, 18.00, 18.00 & 20.00   The Computer in The  How it Works Series By Rakesh Mohan Hallen. Design and Illustration by Ankur Mitra   A Hairy Tale   By Mamata Pandya 2003, pp. 24 & 16, Rs. 20.00 & 18.00    Scholastic    Scholastic Encyclopaedia of Animals  By Laurence Pringle. Photographs by Norbert Wu.  The Usborne Internet-linked First Encyclopedia of Seas and Oceans  By Ben Denne. Illustrated by David Hancock. Designed by Nelupa Hussain & Helen Wood. Folk tales From Far and Near  By Dorothy Fanthome and Daphne Chauhan. Illustrated by Suraj Lokare 2004, pp. 128, 64 & 91, price not stated.    When the Circus Came to Town  By Polly Horvath 2004, pp. 146, £4.99 Mother Don’t Be Afraid   My Silly Sister  Father and I  All by Rabindranath Tagore. Translated by Neeta Gangopadhyay.  Rs. 25.00 each. Oops! I Forgot!; Help!  By Sumathi Sudhakar. Illustrated by Ashok Raj 2004, pp.16, Rs. 30.00 each. I Show Respect! In The Best Me, I can Be Series I Tell the Truth! In The Best Me, I can Be Series By David Parker. Illustrated by Gioia Fiammenghi & Patti Goodnow 2004, price not stated.    Bure din aur rupaiyyon ka ghadha By Kunti Ramdutt Balkaran. Illustrated by Suraj Lokre (In Hindi)  Shorba Khargosh ka  wah Bhai wah! Illustrated by Suraj Lokre (In Hindi) 2004, Rs. 25.00 each.   Ram ki Kahaniyan  By Vinita Krishna Hobby Time  By Anitha Vasanth 2004, pp. 80 & 86, Rs. 160.00 & 80.00    Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye  By Geronimo Stilton. Translated by Edizioni Piemme.  Illustrated by Matt Wolf, Mark Nithael Kat Stevens T. Rex: The Dinosaur with the Stupid Smile  By Helen Greathead. Illustrated by Mike Spoor. 2004, pp. 64 & 122, £3.99 & 5.99    Tales Never Told  By Joyeeta Duta Ray. Illustrated by Kanwardeep Good Night Stories  Written and Illustrated by Nimret Handa The Walking Talking Vegetables  By Rama Sundar Rupa, Delhi, 2004, pp. 72, 20 & 24, Rs. 70.00, 95.00 & 95.00   Leaf Life  Babu: The Waiter  Ponni: The Flower Seller All by Sirish Rao Tara Publishing, Chennai, 1998, 2000 & 2000,  Rs. 95.00, 50.00 & 50.00   Excuse Me, is this India?  By Anita Leutwiler and Anushka Ravishankar Tara Publishing, Chennai, 2000, rpt. 2003, Rs. 250.00 The Spectacular Spectacle Man  By  Vishakha Chanchani Tara Publishing, Chennai, 2000, rpt. 2003, Rs. 150.00 Tails of Dilli  By Bill Harvey. Illustrated by Mugdha Sethi.  BPI (India), New Delhi, 2004, price not mentioned.   ...

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