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Moneesha Sharma

Volcanoes By Lily Wood Scholastic Inc., New York, 2000, pp. 50, price not mentioned. Science Quizzes, Puzzles & Games for Juniors  By  Vaishali Gupta. Illustrated by Suraj Lokare. Scholastic, New Delhi, 2004, pp. 120, Rs 80.00  India Quiz Book  By Arundhati Deosthale and Daphne Chauhan. Illustrated by Suraj Lokare. Our States By  Varsha Das. Illustrated by Ashok Raj. Scholastic, New Delhi, 2004, Rs 50.00 each. Inner Planets – More than 150 Facts  Sun – More than 150 Facts Both by Biman Basu Scholastic India, New Delhi, 2004, pp. 65 & 60, Rs. 40.00 each.  My Book of Creative  Writing By Deepa Agarwal Scholastic India, New Delhi, 2004, pp. 92, Rs. 70.00  Mother Goose Math By Deborah Schecter. Illustrated by Maxie Chambliss.  Scholastic India, New Delhi, 2004, pp. 64, price notstated. Comic Strip Math: Mini-Story Problems By Dan Greenberg Easy Science Activity Journals By Mary Kay Carson. Illustrations by Patricia Wynne, Kathie Kelleher and  Mike Moran Scholastic India, New Delhi, 2004, pp. 50 & 66, price not mentioned.  The Incredible Secret Formula Book By Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone. Illustrated by John Manders. Scholastic, New York, 2003, pp. 64, price not mentioned.  Mathemagic By  Raymond Blum. Illustrated by Jeff Sinclair.  Scholastic, New York, 1991, pp. 128, $5.95  Space By Ben Denne and Eileen O’Brien. Designed by Cristina Adami and Neil Francis, Additional designs by Catherine Mackinnnon, Illustrated by Andy Burton. Make Fake Blood   By  Sandra Markle  Kids’ Book of Gross Facts and Feats By Todd Strasser Scholastic, New York, 2004, pp. 48, 64 & 96, price not stated. Icons from the World of Science By  S. Ananthanarayanan. Portraits by Sujata Bansal. Puffin and Scholastic, India, 2004, pp. 138, Rs. 175.00  101 Amazing Things to do with your Computer Marks & Spencer, London, 1994, pp. 50, £ 10.00 Mindstretch: Stories about Numbers, Maths, Puzzles and Games By  Debkumar Mitra Penguin, New Delhi, 2004, pp. 210, Rs 250.00    There is a very disparate set of books under review, so perhaps the best way to look at them would be subject-wise, but first a few general comments.  While it is always good to see books in the Indian market that aim to enhance the learning-teaching experience, there is one big difference between books that have been written by foreign authors and those written by Indians.  The former usually have a very clear target audience and this is indicated on the book and extends to the content of the books.  Of the books under review written by Indian authors, I have not found even one where this aspect is clear.  Icons from the World of Science, for example has brief biographies of eminent Indian scientists, concentrating mainly on their work. According to ...

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