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Anupa Lal

GOPI AND THE YUM YUM SHOP GOPI AND THE RAINBOW CIRCUS GOPI AND THE FIGHTING BULL GOPI AND THE BIRTHDAY PARTY GOPI AND THE MAGIC CHAPPALS By Del Manuel. Illustrated by Rupendu Choudhury & Meher Orient Longman, 1979, Rs. 3.00 each   A recent series of books for children under six is the Gopi series from Orient Longman. There are three main charac­ters in each book. They are Gopi a toy lion, Hukoo-Hukoo a toy monkey and Yumfy a strange ‘yumfy’ toy who doesn't know who he is! The three friends live in a town called Khilonepur and have lots of happy times and adventures together. In Gopi and the Yum Yum Shop they decide to open a restaurant. It does very well till Yumfy looks after the shop on a few occasions. He can't say no to any­one and feeds half the population of Khilonepur free of charge! The shop ceases to be a viable proposition and has to pack up—much to the relief of the three friends who were rather tired of working from morning till night. In Gopi and the Rainbow Circus, Gopi, Hukoo-Hukoo and Yumfy get jobs in a visiting circus. They hope, in this way, to see the circus free, earn some money and perhaps travel round the world as well. But life in the circus is not all glitter and glory—a sad fact they soon have to accept. Finally they are only too happy to return to their old idle and peaceful life. In Gopi and the Birthday Party, Hukoo-Hukoo and Gopi arrange an elaborate birthday party for Yumfy. Everyone enjoys the party, including Yumfy, but it is not his birthday at all! What Hukoo had thought was the date of Yumfy's birthday—10/5—was really the price of the shoes he was wear­ing! In Gopi and the Fighting bull, the inhabitants of Khilonepur are in a quan­dary. They have heard that a fighting bull is coming to settle down in their town. The toys hold a meeting and decide to make the bull as unwelcome as possible. As things turn out, the bull is really very gentle and friendly. Gopi, Yumfy and Hukoo ate among the first to realize this and everything ends happily. In the last book Gopi and the Magic Chappals Hukoo starts wearing a pair of magic chappals someone has sent Gopi (but which he cannot wear because he ...

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