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Voice of the Soul*

Namwar Singh

By Liladhar Mandloi
Rajkamal Prakashan, New Delhi, 2010, pp. 107, Rs. 150.00


Likhe Mein Dukkha (Pathos in Print) is a new collection of poems by a popular poet, Liladhar Mandloi Mandloi. He has simultaneously published three collections of poetry. This collection contains ninetyeight small poems. It is distinctly different from other collections in the sense that it includes a particular kind of poetry. One should confuse these poems with the genre of descriptive poetry. They embody the ideas and emotions of the poet. He has both imaginatively and effectively represented them in such a way that the readers are compelled to think about, understand and interpret them seriously. So one needs to read these poems as carefully as one can do. This collection specifically draws our attention towards its content. Its range is wide enough to include many shades of reality which our life and times offer us in its entirety with all its contradictions. The poet has given space even to such themes that usually do not bother the poets coming from the middle class. After the small arms fire There developed a dead silence On a halfburnt tree There was a water bird In whose voice Tree sounded like weeping. Readers can also engage with the abovementioned collection in terms of its language. The very second poem of the collection happens to beBhasa2 (Language2): My language is the cotraveller of my dreams I saw the dream of a language tomorrow Throwing fire from the sky Today it is planting a tree. On the one hand, language generates fire, on the other, it contributes to the creation of a tree. Language plays both the roles and that gets very much reflected in this collection. So it is not monotonous. In fact, there is diversity all around. For instance, if we look at a poem, calledBijuka, we come to know that simplicity in terms of the selection of subjectmatter and clarity in terms of the narrative technique can be extremely powerful messengers of diverse human experience. Perhaps never before has any poet paid an adequate attention to bijuka. It has seen probably for the first time put to its proper use. The poet claims himself to be bijuka. All know I am Bijuka standing in the middle of the land only farmers knowdeception works very well in the world.There are certain others such asPeople of Mithila: People of Mithila Do not marry Their daughters in Ayodhya. This refers to the story ...

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