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By Bankim Chandra Chatterji Translated from the Bengali by Gautam Chakvararty
Past Continuous: Series Editor Meenakshi Mukherjee

Kapalakundala, set around the year 1604-1605 when the Mughal state was still subduing the newly acquired province of Bengal weaves together events that take place across two cultural worlds. The first is the caste Hindu world of the pilgrims, of Nabakumar, Kapalakundala, the kapalika and the adhikari, which turns on questions of love, marriage, womanly virtue, priestly and tantric ritual, on the codes and conventions of Hindu marriage, and the contrast between the householder's life and that of the ascetic. Alongside this insular provincial world there is the world of Agra and the imperial court, which are the space of political expediency and sexual license, of wealth, power, cunning and worldly sophistication.

2005, pp. 111, ISBN 81-88434-03-5 , 320.00    

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