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Superpower Rivalry and Conflict: The Long Shadow of the Cold War on the twenty-first Century

Edited by Chandra Chari

Superpower Rivalry and Conflict examines the trajectory of the Cold War and the fallouts for the rest of the world to seek lessons for the twenty-first century to manage international relations today and avoid conflict. Written by experts in their field, the chapters provide an alternative perspective to the western-paradigm dominated international relations theory. The book examines the changing economic balance of power thrown up by globalization which has led to the emergence of a multipolar world capable of economic and multilateral cooperation. It discusses the potential of new cooperative security frameworks which would provide an impetus to disarmament and protection of the environment globally and offers Asian perspectives on these issues-perspectives from countries like Afghanistan, Vietnam, West Asia and Pakistan which were embroiled in the Cold War as mere pawns and which have become flashpoints for conflict in our century.

Routledge in association with The Book Review Literary Trust, , New Delhi , 2010, pp. 253, ISBN 978-0-415-55025-3 , 00.00    

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