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Re-evaluating a Legacy
Arched Portals
The Idea and the Image
Creating National Identity Through the Visual Media
Perspectives of Mughal Art
A Visual Treat
A Visual Treat
Celebrating A Life
Words and Images
The Artist as Writer
Pedagogy of Music
Art Styles of Mathura
In The Medieval Indian Context
A Fascinating Melagne
The Artiste As Woman
Of Rich and Varied Themes
Message About Melody
Illustrating Craft
Tracking Sikh Art
Revisiting Old Bengal
Building Archival Riches in Print
The Raman Landscape…
Material Culture of Akbar
Engaging with Khajuraho
Moving Focus
Frames of Creative Expression
'Oriental' Art
Indian Art Scene
Visual Texts As 'Social' and 'Public History'
Beating the Diasporic Drum
Buddhist Iconography
Dalit Aesthetics and Art
An Articulate Artist
Stalwart Vocalists
'The Million Masks of God'
Beauty And Ugly Truth In Juxtaposition
Pop Art as the New Magic
Beethoven Among the Bengalis
A Poetic Journey into Pallava Art
Opening A Window To Bombay
Indian Art
In 'Modernist' Hues
Essence of Spaces
Highlighting A Cultural Heritage
Politics and Poetics of Ethnography
Of a Cornucopia of Craft Skills
A Tolerant Faith
Mirroring The Indian Sensibility
Art Without Contention
Cultural Tourism
A Search Beyond Theoretical Closures
Portrayal of an Icon
Art History in Crisis
A Tale Of (More Than Two) Italian Cities
A Wealth of Details
A Window to Vanished 'Glories'
Ritikavya Genre
Our Architechtural Heritage
A Mix of Cultures
A ‘Bird’s Eye View’ of India’s Natural History
A Cornucopia
Puppet on a String
Voices from the Past, Symphonies of the Present
Diverse Registers Of Meaning
An Institutional History
A Complicated Quest
Performative Negotiations And The Woman’s Question
Multiple Trajectories of the Modern
Fascinating Images
Writing the City
Importance of Art Education
City by the Sea
The Curious Case of Modern Art in Provincial Vadodara
Bridging a Disciplinary Chasm
Through an Archaeologists Camera
Durga Puja As Public Art
Of Syncretic Traditions
Once a Mughal City
Bengaluru, The Chaos That Is
Aesthetics of Hindu Visual Culture
Roots And Practices Of A Dying Art
Making Democratic Art
Healing Through Forgiveness
A Lived Engagement
A Milestone to Modernism
Reflecting Changing Aspirations
Through the Prism of a Structure
Embellished Exhibits
Capturing a Citys Soul
Then And Now
The Camera's Truth
Invisible Presence
When Functionality Met Art
Food Connects
Two Art Collections Integrated
A Visual Feast
Profiling Indian Women
The World of Modern Pakistani Art

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