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The Birth and Death of a Small Printing Press: A Personal History
Editorial Choices,Reading 2009
Independent Publishing and Survival: The Importance of Booksfairs
Publishing in India: New Horizons
Multilingual Publishing: No Short Cuts
Alice's Adventures in Glassland
Change in the Air
A New World of Reading
War, Peace and Hegemony at the Beginning of the 21st Century*
Interdisciplinary Social Science
A Letter from Editors and Publishers
Eric Hobsbawm In Conversation*
The Book Review at the Frankfurt Book Fair
One Line at a Time
R.K. Narayan: Three Novellas'
Defining Children’s Literature
Folklore to Fantasy, Fiction to Cyberfiction
Equality for our Languages
Marketing of Indian Children’s Books in India
Marginalization and Exclusion of Disadvantaged Sections: Process of Continuity and Change
Alvaro Mutis: The Ultimate Friend of Literature
The Nowhere Woman
The Bathwater Syndrome: Children's Books in Kannada
Market Survey of Children’s Literature
'The Real Seat of Taste': Food, Consumption and Communication in Gandhi
Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh’s speech at the SAARC Summit*
The Struggle Within Islam*
The Study of International Relations*
Children Must Grow as Children: Children's Books in Tamil
The Same Old Story? Or is There Something to Cheer About?
When No Way is No Way
Book Fairs in India: An Appraisal
Different Tales: Stories from Marginal Cultures and Regional Languages
Children's Literature-Trick or Treat?
Bookdom's Ghosts and Pirates
Author-Publisher Relations
Towards Impossible Dreams
Children's Literature in Hindi
So What Makes A Poem Good?
Coloured Pictures
Bellow as Playwright
Against Borders: Children's Books in Malayalam
Debates & Discourse
The Purity-Obsession*
Picture Story Books in Hindi: No Shortcuts Please
Punjabi Literature Through the Prism of History
Western Influence on Tamil Literature
Meaningful Education
How Will India's Children be Prepared for Life?
Tales from Sonar Bangla
Indian Literature: The Contemporary Theme
Creator of Narnia: C.S. Lewis
Dr Shivaram Karanth
A Wide Variety But
Habib Tanvir and His Red-hot Life
Contemporary Children's Literature in India
Uncle Ken Goes Bird-Watching
The Power of the Word
Reading Habits Among Indians
Hunting The Snark: On The Trail Of Regional Indian Science Fiction
Creating an Aesthetic Temper Thoughts from a seminar on illustrations in children’s books (Dec 14-16, 2006)
Sociology in Schools and Colleges
Mirrors, Windows, or Prisms?: Fiction Reflecting the Indian Diaspora
A Large Question
The Story of Barkha and the Battle with Stereotypes
Why should we listen to her?*
Current Tamil Books for the Young
My Affair With The Book Review
In Defence Of Liberalism
Engendering Education Policy
Soviet History: Critique of a Review
Comics: Their Place in Chidren's Literature
Dom's Bombay Blues
Books for Children in Hindi
Drawing Funny!
The World of Premchand
Do Literary Festivals Curb Writer's Freedom?
When Fans Take Over Fiction
An Illustrator's Journey
Oral Traditions and Cultural Spaces
On Picture Books
Putting Pain to Paper
A Hermit in Texas*
British Children's Books*
Kindle: A New Reading Experience
My Two Years in London
Up Front and Captive Randomly Reading to Children
LLF: Shaping New Socio-Artistic Trends
Rediscovering Chandrakanta--in English
Continents of Creation: A Report
China: Child Heroes and Others
MAD About Books
Every Tiny Step Counts: Sesame Workshop India
The Desi Fantasy Reality
Books for Africa—Books for the World
Children’s Literature in South Asia
Commercial Sex Workers of Bangladesh: Policies and Practices
Hindi Children's Periodicals
Reaching High
Digi-Writing: A New Challenge
Gujarat and Its Others
Transforming Picturebooks
NLP--A Therapeutic Tool
The IBBY* Honour List 2010: A Presentation of the Best
Children's Literature in India
A Human Interest Tale
Of Ideas, People And Places
Writing in a Time of Siege*
Chinua Achebe
Children's Literature: Case of Urdu
Shifting Borders*
Unlocking The Power Of Reading
Sundara Ramaswamy – An Intensely Human Writer
Diaspora Writing of Sri Lanka
Mathematics Teaching in India
Children’s Literature in a Society in Transition: From Oracy to Literacy

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