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Cultural Studies

For the Chattering Classes
A Visual Treat
Celebrating A Life
Words and Images
The Scope and the Context
Re-evaluating a Legacy
Culture and Consciousness
Arched Portals
Perspectives of Mughal Art
The Idea and the Image
A Visual Treat
Creating National Identity Through the Visual Media
Invocation of Our Father
Moral Imperatives of the Development Paradigm
Multiple Resonances
Gandhi on the Analytical Table
Nuances Of Citizenship-in-Practice
Where Lies India That Is Bharat?
Touch-me-not Village
Image Cultures of Modern India
Critiquing Karnad’s Oeuvre
At last, a Natyamitra!
Fragments Of Roland Barthes
Up from the Depths
Surveyors and Scholars
When a Sthalamahatmya Reaches the Coffee-Table
Wide Ranging Canvas
Kerala's Krishna Bhakti - the Classical and Vernacular
Opening a Door
Saint Sakharam and the Talkative Cyclist
The Punjab Tradition
About Values
To Look Back And Remember
Eternal Dimensions of An Enigma
Passion for Pashmina
The Shadow of Neocolonialism
Documenting a Musical Demi-Goddess
Parameters of a Philosophical Quest
Making Memory Meaningful—Politically!
Updating Khayal History
Glimpse of a Lost World
The Couch and its Pla(y)cement in Today’s India
Of Music and Musicians
Festschrift to a Thinker and Institution Builder
Indian Aesthetics Revisited
Masterpieces of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain Art
The Crescent Society
Tracking Sikh Art
A Multi-faceted Study of Coimbatore
Life of a Legend
A Maestro Idealized
Historiography and Historians
Music Galore
Music in Relation to its Times
Art in India—Past and Present
Warp And Weft Of Textile Culture
Symbolice Forms and Human Encounters
Material Culture of Akbar
Anatomy of Love
Of Art in Archives
A Dissenting Perspective
In Search of Aesthetic Divinity
‘Viewing’ Mount Meru
Dancers and Their Lives
Continuity Among Ruptures
Homage to an Art Historian
The Terrain of Culture
Plays by Bengal Theatre
Beethoven Among the Bengalis
Conversations, Edits and Erasures
Modern Art And ‘Normative Secularity’
Where Lies The Burden of Moral Action?
The Playwright's Struggle
Stalwart Vocalists
Sorties in Art, History, Politics and Culture
Contextualizing a Sacred City
Qissa-Kahani & The Art of Dastan-goi
A Musical Persona Par Excellence
Bombay Cinema
Dance from the Dance
How Tales Evolve Into Films
Indian Art
In 'Modernist' Hues
Lata's Story
A Sublime Heritage
Charting Two Paths
Assessing the Indian TV Juggernaut
Of Music and Musicians
Configuring Cultural History
Through the Colonial Lens
The Unplanned Metropolis
Restrictive Cultural Frames
Understanding a Culture
How Truth Unfolds: The Documentary
Muslim Exotica of Hindi Filmdom
Music And The Metropolis
Stalwarts of Hindustani Music
Topping The Edge of Imagination
A Tolerant Faith
Creating A Synthesis
A Search Beyond Theoretical Closures
Documenting An Art Form
The Story of Indian Dance
A Descriptive Engagement
The Human Face of Great Masters
Art Without Contention
Of Silks and Saris and Craft
To Read, Enjoy and Perform
A Colourful Sadhaka
Cultural Referents
Plays for Our Times
Of Popular Culture and Society
Flights Of Reality
A Carnatic Music Kutcheri
Desiccated in Time
Capturing The Moment
Journey of Discovery
Portrait of an Artist
A Star from the Backwaters
The Show Goes On
The Point is not to Pocket the Truth, But to Chase the Truth...
The Abha Cylinders
Children of the Magic Pen
Into That Heaven of Freedom
Husain in Exile: Some Afterthoughts
A Place Like No Other
Idea of Nation-ness Through Literature
Ritikavya Genre
Mythological Sagas
A Window to Vanished 'Glories'
Of Actors and Their Craft
Social Art at its Best
Collating Performance Traditions
Heritage Builders
Connoisseur Activism?
Power of Performance
Tracking the Trilogy
Art On a Monumental Scale
Dispassionate Musings
The Playwright in the World
Enduring Melodies
Live Cultural Heritages
A ‘Formless’ Form
Indian Art in Words and Images
Setting the Norm for Research
Spiced Reality
A Transition Illuminated
Textualization of Folklore
What lies ‘Beyond Music’?
Interactions of a Personal Kind
Recalling An Epic
Record of A Dhrupad Family
Our Cultural Heritage
Interpreting An Ouvre
A Contemporary Survey
Photographic Praxis in India
Tribute to an Icon
Puppet on a String
Positioning Indian Art in a Global Market
Worshipping Shrinathji
Biography of a Music Critic
Sensitive Issues
In a Philosophical Idiom
Lores of a Fascination
Introduction to Ethnomusicology
Contrasting Techniques
Gourmet Cooking Simplified
Traversing Diverse Cultural Tracks
A Sensitive Portrayal
A Sub-culture in the World of Music
An Undying City
A Canonical Text
How Public Culture is Shaped
City Beautiful?
Pioneering Book
Multiple Trajectories of the Modern
Fascinating Images
Ideology of Art Education
Writing the City
A Complex Pie
Viewing Beyond Boundaries
City by the Sea
Bengaluru, The Chaos That Is
Speaking of Suffering
Women's/Feminist Theatre
Border Gazing
Mapping An Unconventional Space
Reflecting Changing Aspirations
Through the Prism of a Structure
Interrogating Social Biases
Capturing a Citys Soul
Resistance and Rasa in Pakistan
The Men Behind Gulabi Aankhen
Recording a By-gone Era
Glimpses of A World Gone By
Documenting A Movement
Of Myths And Legends
Print Culture
A Force to be Reckoned With
Reliving A Legend
A Unique Entity
An Enduring Classic
In The Artist’s Voice

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