Critical Issues
Gender and the Agrarian Landscape
Filling In The Gaps
Analysing A Spectrum of Themes in Indian Economy
Highlighting Commonality of Concerns
In the Shadow of Global Recession
FlCCl-Past and Present
A Postmodernist Critique
In Search of Systemic Change
Pioneering Small Savings
Genesis and Responses
Sonar Bangla
Prescriptions for a Team-based Activity
Caught Between ‘Hostile Geography’ and ‘Unfortunate History’
Deadlocks with Agreement in International Trade
Sex Ratio and Women’s Well-Being
Origins and Evolution
A Contextual Framework
Threats to Enactment
A Marxist Outlook on Indian History and Society
Of Untold Tales
International Migration: Does it Lead to Development?
Rural Development and Change
Locating 'Subjectivities' In The Making Of 19th Century Assam
Shifting Focus of Historical Research
Of Growth and Development
Sexualized Bodies And Finance Capital
Capital-nannying Growth and Unfreedom
Mainstream Perspectives on Economic Reforms
Demystifying A Debacle
Neo-Liberalism: The Crisis and the Dissent
Contextualizing Waste and Recycling
Political Theatre as Productive Work and as Political Action
Invested Interest
Development: Polemic and Perspectives
Battle on Globalization
Diagnostic Account of Imperial History and Thought
The Economist in the Age of Inflation
Necessary Lessons
Asian Giants
Between Idea And Praxis
Whither Indian Economy
That Noble Dream of Somewhere Else
Twists and Turns of Development Discourse
The Idea of India—And the Reality
Multinationals and the Developing World
The Four Marketeers
Asian Initiatives
Not by Skill Alone
Impact of European Trade in the Coromandel
Towards a Better Society
Why the Poor Remain Poor
Poverty and Governance
Standing the Test of Time
Beneath India's IT Advantage
The Poor Indian Woman Farmer
Changing Meanings
Money for Everyman
Beyond Eurocentric Perspectives
Mirroring Social Realities
Exclusion and Fragility: Across Time and Space
Changing Balance of Economic Power
Unfathomable India
The Gentle Iconoclast
Patterns of Progress
A Flow of Population
Different Dimensions of Inequality
Private Sector: How it Grew
Knowledge for Greater Common Good
Nitty-Gritty of Capitalist Growth
In Search of Genesis of Ideas
Faultlines in Economics
Challenges of a Global Economy
Agriculture, Non-farm Employment and Democratic Transition
Crime and Urbanization: Linkages
The Enduring Economist
Market and Economy
Unbridged Gaps
Writing About India's Economy
Challenge to Set Theories
Engaging with the Workforce
Citizens' Agency
Endemic Violence in an Unfolding Economic Scenario
Creating a Livable Environment
A Model Bank
Environmental Concerns
The Rural Quagmire
Debating Contemporary Concerns
Economics Fictionalized
Putting Poverty on the Table
New Age Industry
Analysing Deprivation
Protectionism Does Not Pay
Currency Matters
Ramblings on Resources
A Miracle Or Strategized Plan?
Indian Economy Post Reforms
The Sum of ‘Q’ and ‘Q’
Economic Analysis of Law
Changing Nature of Maritime Trade
A Story of Economic Upheaval: India Under Colonial Rule
Heterogeneous 'Local' Confronts the 'Global'
The Puzzle of Income Distribution Theory
Economic History of a Princely State
A Privatizing Experience
In the Tradition of Business Classics
Terse Analysis of a Critical Factor
Prescription for Success
Role in Assessing Development
Economics of Poverty
An All Time Great
Trade Versus Environmental Divide
The Non-Rational City
Salute to an Intellectual
Impact Of Marginalization
Punjab's Success
Critiquing Neoliberal Perspectives
A Festschrift for an Economist
Aspects of Power
Tapping the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Basis of Good Economics
The Market and Society
Not Nature, But Society
Employment Strategy for Poverty Alleviation
The Indian Economy and its Challenges
Report Card on Economic Development in India
Industrial and Urban Spaces
A Conservation Paradigm
Deprivation and Political Economy
Evolving Nature of Capitalism
A Road Map
India's Development Experiences Tabulated
Conflicting Constructions
Institutionalizing India
Urban Policy in India
Agrarian Crisis and Reforms: Which Way Forward?
Straightening the System
In a Legal Framework
Confused Capitalism
The Power to Tax
Impact of Government Policies
Towards a Socialist Alternative
A Micro-history of Two Campaigns
Initiatives and Imperatives
Lending Economic Power to Women
Alleviation of Poverty
From a Cultural Standpoint
Aspects of Administration
Lending to Empower
In the Context of Globalization
Panoramic Glimpses
Follies of Neglect
Sheths, Sahibs and Workers: Interdependence, Exclusion and Repression
Plight of Labour
Political Economy Issues
Valuing Land
Distortions in Indian Economy
Neo-liberal Reforms and Growth Fundamentalism
State Agencies as Ethnographic Studies
India and the Structural Adjustment Package
A Primer
Cotton Textiles: Global Connectors
Question of Social Choice
Trade and Development
Keynes Re-engaged
Practice and Politics of Marriage in South Asia
Activist/Development Strategies in Micro-finance
Evaluating Global Crisis: The Feminist Way
So, Who Gets to Fund Research on Malaria?
Towards a World Community or a Class Project?
In Suspended Animation
Economic Realities
No Straight Answers
A New Business Model
Scattered Beings
Complexities of Marginalized Labour
Time to Bite the Bullet?
Cultural Diversity and Development
Social Effects of Structural Adjustment
Development Via Autonomy
Myth and Reality of Financial Flows
Is Economics Without Politics Possible?
Of What Has been and What Might Be
Gender in Development
On Strategies and Limitations
The Economic Route to Regional Security
Forms of Human Interaction
Agrarian Scholarship: Actors, Processes and Policies
Confronting the Climate Conundrum
Cause-effect Hypothesis
New Revolutions in the Making
Schooling and Financing
Dealing with Reality
Resurgence of a New Liberalism
Lending Schemes for the Poor
Bettering the Rules of the Game
Zoning in on a Talisman
Of Multiple Variables
Evolution of Lankan Economy
Differing Interpretations
Reform in the Time of Transition
Globalization in History
Importance of Institutions
A Panoramic View
Pakistan: Another Story
Globalization and India
Identifying Developmental Forces
Free Trade as a Panacea
All Work and No Child's Play
The Lagging Countryside
Parodying A Reality
Dynamics of Accumulation and Exploitation
Managing Nature Better
A Compendium of Caste Studies
Sri Lankan Development Experience
Legal System As Oppressor
Cross Country Growth Experiences
Management Education
A Commodity Called Water
Children's Right to Education
Locating Women in a Matrix
Employment and the Reservation Factor
Micro-finance at Centre-stage
Making Sense of Economic Policies
Question Of Ethics In Indian Science
Can Ideologies Be Understood Without Analysing Social Structures They Emanate From?
Is The IMF Necessary?
How Growth Trickles Down
A Wide-angle Perspective
Assessing the Deepening Problem
A New Context for Security Discourse
No Place for the Poor
The India-China Equation
Learning from a Crisis
Regional Agreements: Impact on Trade Barriers
Apocalypse now?
Impact of Changing Economic Policies
Strategic Redefining of Traditional Discourses
Nexus of Growth, Investment and Decent Work
Watch Out We’re South Asian
How to Conduct Monetary Policy
An Ethnographic Study
Comparative Indices
The Giver and the Given
Asian Economic Growth Experience
Mystifying Multiple Identity
Maintsreaming the Poor
Voice of Experience
Reframing Hindutva Violence
A Cross-sectoral Perspective
Fracturing a Community, Hegemonizing Secularism
'One Size Does Not Fit All'
Non-issue to a Core Issue
NGOs Make a Difference
What Went Wrong?
Transformation, Turbulence and Nostalgia
Mammon and Mankind
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): Hype or Reality?

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