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Evolving Ethos
Ecology and Society
Capitalism and Global Environment
'Safeguard the Global Commons'
The State Claims It All
Harmonious Governance, Natural Resources and Human Survival
Environmental Politics and Indian Nationalism
Perceptions of Conservation Regimes
Negotiating Troubled Waters
Towards Integrated Management
Manifest of Goodwill
Thinking Beyond Past Folly and Present Greed
The Sea As A Mental Map
Tapping Indic Sources
Gatherings of the Palash Tree
From Advaita To Atom
Cautionary Signals
Ethnography of a Tradition
An Elegant Mosaic
Harnessing the Rivers
Change and Environmental Strategy
The Heart of Chipko
Sacred Geographies Of The Hills
Who Defines Development?
The Winged Species
The Corporate Classroom
Shifting Ground … Effectively and Convincingly
Atomic Superheroes and 'Item Bombs'
Water Rights: A Fight That Won’t Go Away
Towards a Deeper Understanding of Tank Irrigation
Colonial Forestry
Dynamics of Water
Managing Water Resources
Gaze and Governmentality
Gender in Development
Natural Resource or Economic Good?
River Disputes, Development, Imperialism: A New Analysis
Competing Demand and Management Practices
Of Tigers and Elephants
Nuanced Reading Of India’s Environmental History
A Warrior Against War In The Wild
A Tree Guide
Managing a Critical Resource
Quiddity of a Country
Nature Is Not A ‘Free Gift’
In Black and White
Fascination for Nature
A Representative Selection
Development and Climate Change
Avifauna of an Area
Of Wildlife in Their Habitats
Of Travels and Conservation
Secret Life of the Big Cat
Nature vs. Culture in Changing Himalayan Societies
A Classic Revisited
Benefitting the ‘Tribals’
The Missing Links
Gender and Water Management
Mosquitoes, Rats, Lizards and Other Beings
A Large Canvas
Spotting the Pachyderm
A Threepronged Conundrum
An Outline For Reform
Material, Spiritual, Divine Ganga
An Ethnographic Work
Croaking in a Well
Agenda for Change
Vulnerable Ecology and Vulnerable People
In the Frontline of Planetary Battles
Asian Economic Growth Experience
Green Havens
Multiple Facets of Conservation Practices
Combating Climate Change
A Water Miscellany
Tales from the Lankan Shores

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