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Film Studies

Laying Bare A Social Matrix
Celebration of the Local
Chasing the Truth
Locating Indian Cinema
Of Stars and Firmaments, Politics and Life
On a Rich Trail
The Ontology of Indian Cinema
Evolving Trends in Showbiz
Between Inquiry and Polemic
Indian Cinema at the Berlin Film Festival
A Theory of Cinema that Can Account for Indian Cinema
The Age of Possibilities: The Indian Documentary
Traversing the Tinsel World
Cinema's Silk Routes
Cinema and the People
Shadows in the Clear Light of Day: Making Tales of the Night Fairies
Celluloid and the City
CFSI and Children's Cinema in India
Cinema, Piracy and Temporality
The Grid of Imagined Nationhood
All About Films and Censors
Film Censorship in India: An Intriguing Phenomenon
Entertainment – Opportunities and the Future
Politics of Visibility
Elusive Golden Age
A Mixed Bag ...
Meeting Point of Many Lives
Changing Culture of Cinema Halls
Marathi Cinema: Return of the Native
Contemporary Malayalam Cinema
Unexplored Perspectives in Indian Cinema
The Melodramatic Warp and Woof of Indian Cinema
Understanding The Asymmetric Nation
Transfer of Charisma: Star Politicians of Tamil Nadu
Celebration of a 'Rasa' Called Disgust in Tamil Cinema
Arenas and Acts of Telugu-ness
Scribes as Critics
Making Gods Human
Constructing Cultural Identities
Of Imagined Worlds
Historicizing the Film Stars
All Soap, No Froth
Between the Reel and Real
An Out of the Ordinary Life
Directors’ Cut
Where Does the Magic Lie?
A Film-Maker's Musings
Tamil Cinema and Comedy: An Overview
Humanism in Hindi Cinema
On a Cinematic Journey
When Theory Clouds the Eyes
Of Superstars and Naxalites
An Underground Discourse
Product of a Historical Moment
The Literary Presence as 'Culturing' Realism
Revising Popular Bangla Cinema of the 1950s
Moments Captured Into A Medium
Reversing Cinematic Translation
The Age of Imitation
Islamicate Imaginaries in Bombay Cinema*
The Bai and the Dawn of Hindi Film Music (1925-1945)
Trends in Hindi Film Music
The World of Bombay Cinema
Critiquing Hindi Cinema
History of the Popular
The Critical Quill
Writing the Industry
The Debonair Hero
Where is the Vamp?
Straddling Art and Commerce
The Hindi Devotional Film
Muses of the Nation
Historical Trajectory of Action
Border Gazing
Representing Trauma

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