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Criminalizing Sex Work Through Legal Debates
A Lasting Legacy
Driven by Greed
Stark Deprivations: Defying Nature's Balance
Gendering of Violence: Multivalent Relationships
Gender Dimension in the Security Discourse
At the Intersection of a Myriad Societal Axes
Call for New Policy Options in Crises Management
Protecting the Weak: Instruments of Public Policy
Why Do We Want Boys and Not Girls?
Interrogating The Activist-Academic Divide
Struggle for Equality
Silent Voices and Societal Norms
A Transformative Approach
Patriarchy And Forbidden Love
Women and Society
Plight Beneath the Veil
The Gender Of Violence
Re-reading Inclusive Puranic Tradition
Interrogating Normative Discourses
Labouring for Tea
Interrogating Collaborative Ethnography
Women, Communalism and the Shiv Sena
From The Gender Perspective
Metaphors of Masculinity and Power
Evolving Insights
Defining Sexuality
All About Gender
In Search of Security
The Poor Indian Woman Farmer
Lived Realities
Exploring 'Agency'
Gender Journeys
Redifining Links
Science’s ‘Is’ And ‘Ought’
Relevance of Women Studies
She Chose to Question
Common Patterns in Differing Traditions
Reprising ‘Indian And Lesbian?’
Bengal Comes of Age
Sexuality—Normality and Abnormality
Between Context and Standpoint Women’s Studies and Feminist Theory
Empowerment and Natural Resources
Social Reform and Women's Agency
Eyes of Women and Lens of Feminism
Women and Family Structure
Gender, Violence and Development: Kerala's Dark Side
A Complex Matrix
Key Aspects of Women’s Status in India
Understanding the 'Immoral'
Tale of A Formidable Matriarch
Interrogating Dalit ‘Honour’
Family And Gender In A Neo-Liberal Context
A Critique Of ‘Normative Femininity’
Debating Assumptions
Not A Feminist Monolith
Case For A Transnational Feminist Practice
Challenging Prevailing Frameworks
Mobilization and Articulation
Diverse Cultural Perspectives
Intersecting Inequalities
A Multidisciplinary Approach
Quare Truths
Overview of Feminist Thinking
Citizenship and Sustainable Development
Engendering Sociology
Queering the Norm
Empowerment Consciousness
Women and Political Participation: A Grand Illusion
Stepping Across the Line
Engaging With the Law
A Wide Canvas
Indian Women...A Study In Sepia
'Unnameable Discontents Gnawing at the Heart'
Women and Work
Windows to the World of Women
Explaining How Symbols Work
Representing Ourselves
Feminist Interventions: Methods and Outcomes
Life of Early English Women in India
Cutting Across Norms
Violence Against Women
The Long and Hazardous Path
Purdah, Plus, Minus, and Status Quo
From Private to Public
Insightful Readings
A Complex Picture
Challenging Constraints
Interrogating Caste, Gender, Modernity
Documenting Research
Dancers and Their Lives
Women Find Their Voice
Gender and Tribe: Writing Women's History in Chotanagpur
Voicelessness, Resistance and Embodiment
Keeping the Debate Alive
Caste, Thy Name is Woman
Innovative Strategies
Reappraisals of the Hindu “Woman Question”
Servants of God or Man?
Myriad Methods of Othering
The Colonial Family
Ethnography Of Adjudication
Exploration of Education
Towards Designing Effective Programmes
Social Reform and the 'Women's Question'
Tracking Three Generations
The Meaning(s) of Sex: A View from India
'Doing' the History of Social Reform
‘Tense, Intense’ and ‘Merry’ Wives of Windsor
Gender Representation and Cultural Construction
Women's Agency and the Patriarchal State
Being and Belonging
The Discipline of Gender
Collective Modes Of Being
How Stereotypes are Reinforced
Debunking Received Wisdom Theories
Women: At Home and Outside
Mapping Women's Subordination
'Women have History, Women are in History'
How Women Impact War
Citizenship: Perceptions and Practice
Narratives of Violence Against Women
Multiple Masculinities Multiple Contexts
A Dangerous Binary
Those Unspoken Words
Social Change and Women
Stepping Out
An Introduction to Complex Texts
Jagged Ends of a Shattered World
Islam and Reproductive Behaviour
Cross Border Marriages
Mapping Unchartered Territory
Engaging With The State
A Portrait Of The Writing Woman*
Women's Oppression
Female Subject and Pursuit of Playfulness
Feminist-Marxist Perspectives
Embracing Diversity and Creating Inclusive Spaces
Material Measures, Immaterial Means
Values in Gendered Economics and Feminist Economics
Nourishment and Nurture
Women’s Rights and Dalit Activism
Tales of Fortitude
A Gendered Approach to Political Economy
Limits Imposed By Gender Norms
Two Genres of Verse
Feminism—Appropriation and Articulation
A Community of Hope
Law’s Violence
Language and Cultural Identity
Constrained Choices
Through A Nuanced Prism
The Picture is the Story
Gendered Conflict
Of Ownership and Control
Gendering Natural Resource Management
Women’s Empowerment—The Changing Scenario
Empowering Women
How Laws Are Interpreted
Partial Failures
Reclaiming Sovereignty: A CounterNarrative
Love, Dreams and Revolution
A Fight For Identity
A Crime Like No Other
What Would You Have Indian Fiction in English by Women Do?
Deconstructing A Category
Of Love and Life
From A Feminist Lens
Reconfiguring Gendering Relations
Documenting Research and Action
Writing the Woman
Documenting the Role of an Institution
Wanted: More Debate Through Dialogue
Contentious Issues
Behind Bars
Stories Of The Worlds Of Women
South Asian Worldviews
Celebration Of The Feminine Principle
Between Caste and Gender
Ethnographic Explorations
Roses In Disarray
Exploring Tensions and Contradictions
Memoir of a Brave Girl
Brutal Life Experiences
Struggling with Injustices
Looking Beyond Germs
Capturing The Time of Change
Divergent Stakes in Feminism
Centring Women’s Issues
Magic Moments on Stage
Inherent Violence in Functioning Democracies
Crafting Through Words
Stocktaking Time
Charting A Complex Terrain
Re-inventing Society
Gendered Experience
Determinants of Health and Policy Planning
Search for the ‘Self’ of Dalit Women
Gender and Spirituality
Twice Disabled?
Gods That Failed
The Prostituted Woman: A Book Discussion
Expressions of Religiosity
State Formation Through Discursive Strategies of Civil Society
Issues and Concerns
ABOUTTURN: Is The Female Point Of View Essentially Feminist?*
Is the Indian Muslim (Dis)connected?
In a Human Security Framework
Gendered Analysis
Beyond Religious Boundaries
Celebrating the Work of Kumari Jayawardena
Belonging, Indentity and Power
“Our Future is Clear: There is Nothing for Us”
Through the Lens of Postcolonialism
Recovering Women's Lives
State Ennui vis-a-vis Sex Workers
Conceptualizing Gender Justice
Integrating Gender, Overcoming Disaster
A Personal/Political Journey
Womens Sexuality in a Plural Temporal Expanse
Wifehood's Glory
Deconstructing ‘Horror’ of Violence And Trauma
In the Context of Her Times
Endangered Humanity?
Consistencies And Variations
Inhabiting Two Worlds
Hues of Denial and Mimesis In Constructing Resistance
Between the Ideal and the Real
Chasm Between Law and Practice
Endearingly Timeless
Mural of Public Debate
Emerging Themes
Intricacies of Empowerment
Exploring Varied Terrains
Who Will Cast the First Stone
In Search of Preventive Strategies
Textured Fabric of A City
Using Gender as a Lens
Continuing Stereotypes
Telling the Untold
Beyond the Mainstream
Intersectional Inequalities in a Globalized World
Signposts and Imprints
Stepping into Conflict
Battling Odds
Obverse of Saids Orientalism
Antecedents from the Past
Women's Education Experiences
Gender Question In Community Forest Management
Many Representations
Women as Political Subjects
Towards Gender-just Laws
Making Theory Relevant
'Recovering' Experiences: Women's Trauma in War
“Diet of Honour and Shame”
A Troubled Relationship
Contesting Terrains
Women and Familial Economy
Three Nouns in Search of …
Myriad Forms of Aggression
Beyond Classroom Experiences
Abortion in India: Enriching the Knowledge Base
‘Shared Ethnography’
Comprehending Sex Work
Agents of Change
Cartographies of Struggle

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