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Dilemmas in Imperial Policy Making
Viewing Nation-making As People-crafted
Question of Identity
Writing History With A Difference
Understanding Emotions
Varied Registers Of Remembrance
Regional History Comes of Age
Debates On Theology
Travails of a Subcontinent Sundered
Social Change and Tradition
Synthesizing Concepts of History Writing
A 'Melting Pot' of Fluidity and Dynamism
A Forgotten Comradeship
A Fertile Nursery for Christianity
Understanding Transitions
Making A Complex System Work
Architects of Partition and Pakistan’s Destiny
Narrative of a Life and a Movement
Of Bandits and the B.S.F.
Vibrant, Contentions Issues
In the Shadow of the Banyan Tree
Contextualizing Diverse Religious Traditions
Non-western Perspectives
Of John Brown and Mangal Pandey
Documenting Partition
Reappraising an Intellectual Legacy
Predicaments of an Indian Moses
The Usable Past
Coming to Terms with the Orient
Indian Philosophical Writing: Search for Alternative Scholarship
Enduring Interest in Partition
A Regime of Violence
Weaving Diverse Strands of Identity and Politics
Pepper and the Portuguese: Tribulations in the 17th Century
Emergency Trivia
The Sikh Dilemma
Interrogating Cultural Dissonances
Questioning Stereotypes
De-industrialization in the Nineteenth Century: Myth or Reality
Of Diasporas and A Nation-State
Tracing the Lineage of Medieval Indian Historiography
An Ongoing Conversation
Whose Islam Was It?
Interpreting Temples: Changing Methodologies
A Fascinating Tale
Not Honed in An Ivory Tower
What the Empire Stood For
Veneration and Appropriation of the Feminine
A Layered Telling
'A Cultural Project'?
Documenting Struggle and Suffering
Compulsions and Faultlines
Showcasing A Multilayered Engagement
Social Dynamics and Societal Politics
Reconstructing A History of Ideas
In the Tradition of Travelogues
Mystical Call of Mecca And Haj
Going Beyond Easy Answers: Essentialisms May Exist But Need Not Kill?
Clio Knew Sanskrit
Past Perfect
Approaching the Past from the Present
Where Lies India That Is Bharat?
Myth-makers : Old and New
Varied Hues of Ethics and Politics
Re-reading a Text
The underlying Story
History and Popular Perceptions
Remembering the Nationalist Movement
Debating a Dynamic Period
What Ought to be History
Resonance of a Legacy
Empires of the Indus
Articulating Nebulous Questions
From Whence Gandhi’s Power
Of Colonial Projects and Language Science Theories
The Limits of Liberal Anti-Imperialism
Re-Engaging with Nehru
A Conspectus of Research Across Three Decades
Burma's Afflictions Seen Through History
History and its Polyphonies
Bombay: Many Histories
History of Archaeology:An Alternative View
Sociology of a Bardic Genre
In Defence of the Liberal Vision
Does Dissent Endure?
Politics as Public Service
Empire Without a Centre?
Dialogue with History
Controlling Commerce
Transnational Engagements
A View From Below
Understanding Gandhi's Spiritual Quest
Revisiting Jawaharlal Nehru
An Anchronistic Reformer?
Presenting Historical Imagination Via Cartography
When A Liberal Dream Was Endangered
Age Cannot Wither*
Affluence with Liberty: Nehru's Choice
Communal Nationalism and Tilak
Bengal at the Time of the Revolt
Nehru: Dreamer or Warrior*
India's Philosopher-King
Iconic Sites and Monumental Subjects
Story of the Indian State
Reassessing Ashoka
A Dark World of Incest And Cultural Attitudes
Cultural Signifiers
Ideology and Politics
New Trends in Tamil Reading
March Toward Independence
Analysing The Rationale For Social Power
Negotiating Societal and Spiritual Terrain
The Apostle and the Human Being
Reconstructing the Past
Agony and Ecstasy
Sub-structural Factors in Evolving Foreign Policy
Zamindars, Jotedars and Peasants in Bengal
Anglo-Saxon Attitudes
What Religion Meant to Rabindranath
Exploring 'Kama'
More than a Mere Prime Minister
In a Theo-centric Liberal Paradigm
Reflecting on Our Past
Debating A Text
Anti-Imperialist Analyses
Reflections on Different Approaches
Past, Perfect; Present, Tense
Principles vs. Expediency: Nehruvian Dilemma
Empirical Richness and Rigour
Killers for Pay
Different Interpretations of Gandhi
The Last Emperor
The Stupa in Context
An Overflowing Cauldron
'Culture' and National Identity
Dissonance Between Officialese And Ground Realities
A Text of Intellectual Depth and Critical Thought
A Different Approach to History
Re-presenting An Icon
Breaking Away from Two Centuries of Western Indology
Loss of Something That Never Was
A Cosmopolitan Lode of Secular Literature
The Mountbatten Myth
Nuancing Historical Analyses
Cultural Mores and Complex Relationships
An Overview of Harappan Civilization
In Retrospect
American Hegemony and Alternatives
Indigo and the Planter Raj
A Usual And Unusual Gandhi
A Grand Sweep
A Unique Bond
Getting to Know Black Athena
In the Shadow of the Mahatma
Textures of Legislative Formulations
Epigraphic Records
Nostalgia On a Platter
A Rebel, An Icon, An Enigma
Rebellion and the Question of Identity
A Text for All Seasons
Arguing with Reason
Boomtime in Cholamandalam
Illuminating an Attractive Persona
Reading Gandhi and Avowing the Impossible
Homage to Thorner
No Chanakya
Refreshing Questions, Reassuring Answers
A Historical Sojourn Through India
Evolution of Bihar's Identity
Life of a Son and the Making of a Film
The Gandhian World
Glimpses of Leaders
Muslim Politics
A Complex Intellectual Tradition
Early Modern Examples of Export-Led Growth
Through the Prism of Entangled Histories
Situating Historical Processes
Theology and Society
Survey of Rural Turbulence
The Idea of India—And the Reality
Workers and Peasants: Growth and Stagnation
Ethnographic Accounts
A Study In Paradoxes And Subtleties
Philosophical Perspectives
Seasonal Trade Down the Millennia
Redaction as Resistance
A Walk Through Untraversed History
The “Cooking“ Time
'Only a Trust in Our Hands'
Enriching the Early Medieval
Resistance Centre Stage
Profiles of Nationalist Iconographies
Universal Within: Local, Regional, National
Furthering a Non-Communal Understanding of History
A Multidimensional Overview
‘Literature of the Instant’
De-Colonizing Postcolonial Theory
A Bygone Lifestyle
Shattering the Glass Ceiling
Making of Modern India: Linking Strands of Development
Interactions, Expansion and Consolidation
Politics of Representation
Dualist Indian Tradions
A Mixed Baggage…
Indian Career of an Italian Orientalist
A Fraction of the Whole
Alternative Narratives
Tagore: The Public Figure and the Private Person
Contesting An Assumed Stability
‘Inventing The Enemy’
Models of Written Documents
Defining Moments in a Titanic Career
Collective Memories
Reading Lives Through Paper Trails
Truth Stranger Than Fiction
Aryans and Ancient Indian History
In a Maze of Debates
Textual Representations: A Chronological Overview
Historical Research: New Dimensions
Two Stalwarts
An Intellectual Autobiography
Gandhi and Identity Formation
History of Dissent
Constructing Usable Pasts
Perspectives of a Participant
Debates on Indian History and Historiography
From the Grass-roots
Lack of Interconnections
In An Antique Land
Sights, Scenes and Stage Sets
Contested Terrains Of History
Engaging with Geography and Space
A Historical Narrative
Complex Linkages
Dismantling 'Orientalist' Narratives
An Intellectual Pilgrimage
Changing Face of History
Humanizing Gandhi
Dissent and Socialism
Communal Politics and National Discourse
Nationalism: A Split Phenomenon?
The World of Prannath
Complexities of Community and Communalism
Kala-Pani or Primitive Paradise?
Power of the Narrative
Exhaustive and Systematic Study
A Place for Religion
Power, Legitimacy, Authority
The Fourth Round
Aid for Subsistence or Power?
Rituals, Narratives and Sacred Spaces in Early Modern India
Making Of A Global Brand Name
Marxiological Notes on the Perforated Sheet of Marxism
Interdisciplinary Analyses
An Unusual Case Study
A Re-telling Again
Rise and Decline of Surat
Voice of Archival Absence
Tributes to an Iconoclast Scholar
The Making of a Historic 'Event'
The Idea of Namdev: Reconstructing Memory
A Political Party at the Crossroads
Changing Meanings
Between Communist Giants
Intercultural Comparison
A Scholarly Bouquet
The Book, The Reader and The Reading
Unearthing the Past Gently
Synthesizing a Period of Ferment
Ethnic Origins
Narratives Of Decline
Cultural Baggage of Colonialism
In The Medieval Indian Context
A Corpus of Historiography
In Search of Identity
Muslim Political Mobilization in Colonial Bengal
Theoretical Insights Grounded in Empirical Research
State of Pakistan: Islamist or Secular?
An Eye-Witness Account
Making Memory Meaningful—Politically!
Feeding Mars
Archaeological Knowledge: Creation and Dissemination
A Comprehensive History
Less Trodden Terrains
A Study on Bondage
Secularism Revisited
Sarvepalli Gopal: A Mixed Legacy
Timeless Hunger
Event, Memory, Catastrophe
Understanding Gandhi’s Convictions
A Multilayered World
Defending Justice
Power and Domination
Portrait of a Moderate
Presenting A New Synthesis
Analysing Everyday Forms of the Past
Incrementalim vs Ideology: The Dilemma of Developing Nations
Searching for a Balance Between the Past and the Present
Multiple Trajectories Of Globalization
A Wide-Spectrum Overview
Intellectual Freedom in the Study of India
A Socio-Linguistic Study
In Search of Aurobindo
A Grand Sweep of Historical Analysis
Recollections of Parthada —The Man and His Work
Colonial Responses to Public Health
A Biography of Citizenship in India
From The Grassroots
The Insurgent Spirit
Traders and British Raj
A Mix of the Old and the New
A Burning Issue or a Burnt Out Issue?
Pageant of India's Past
Dilli O Dilli
Politics Of Heritage Sites
Of Two Civilizations and Many Histories
Heartwrenching Narratives
Legacy of Mao
Beyond the Land
Insurgency, Militancy and the State
Norms of Identity
Studying An Enigma
History with a Difference
The Short and the Shorter
Celebrating Scholarship
Preaching to the Converted
Society in Feudal Era
Of Cataclysmis Times
Lesser-Known Nation-Makers
Tradition, Memory and Devotion
East India Company to Independence
Analysing Theoretical Constructs
Dimensions of the Legal
History, Politics and Business Communities
The Bengal Experience
A Different History
Fluid Categories and Boundaries
A Veteran Reminisces
Sarvodaya Simplified
Production Relations and Social Classes in History
Bengal Comes of Age
Misrepresenting Histories and Hinduizing Tribes
Restructuring Past Edifices
Arm-chair View of Revolution
The Dissident
Of Changing Dynamics
A Compendium of Information
Probing Interconnections
Ayodhya and the Role of Archaeology
Violence, Martyrdom and Partition
The Inscrutable East
Tropes of Community IdentityFormations
Dava and Dua: Medicines and Markets
India: Various Pasts And A Schizophrenic Present
Silent Witness to History
Presenting the Narrator to History
Myth of the Progressive Right
Workers United
Diaspora Down the Centuries
Countering Imperialist Historiography
Interface Between Science, Religion And Politics
A Document to be Taken Note of
Profiling A State
Getting to Know Agyeya
Local/Regional/Global Resonances
Historiographic Debates Under the Lens
Forces That Made History
Zebunissa, Her Relatives and the Period
Not A Feminist Monolith
The Craftsman's Workshop
Governance and Knowledge
History of Kerala Muslims
No-Man's Island: Hybrid Environments
The Political Turn
History as 'Passion'
Geneologies of Discrimination
A Sorry Commerce
A Many-splendoured Personality
Interconnected Process of Exchange
Role of Ideas
Elections and Voting in India
A Family Tale
An Early Civilization
Glorifying Indian Technology
Linear Accounts
An Evocation and a Lament
Accounts Of A National Trauma
“Dis-covering” the Past: Archaeology in Colonial India
Pan-Indian and Regional Perspectives
Has Academe Got it Wrong?
A Messianic Movement
Essential Readings
Tribute to Hammarskjold
Another Greater India?
All The King's Horses ...
Historiography and Historians
Nuanced Urban Processes
Filtered Memories
Building Archival Riches in Print
Formulating the Central Problem of Identity
A Historian’s Experiments with Truth
Reading Topi Shukla in Gandhi’s Land
The 'Truth' and Archaeology
Initiating Post Partition Studies?
Prescription for Success
A Synoptic View of the Party System
A Varied Collection
Famine and Ethnic Politics
Origins of the Present, Legacies of the Past
Science in India: New Vistas
Vivekananda Compendiums
A Handy Index
Exhibits of A Rediscovery
Travails of Governance
The Politics of Race
Rituals of Power
History Through Lives
Delving into India’s Strategic Past
A Multifaceted Survey
Rereader Gandhi
Soldiers of the Raj
Women and Work
Print Culture of Empire
Of Lies, Deceipt and Violence
Empire as a Global Entity
Taking the Sea Seriously
The Non-Rational City
Plan Balkan in North Eastern India
Cosmopolis Of A Shared Worldview
Labour as the Focal Point
Lessons from History
Partition Revisited as a Colonial Exit Strategy
Locations of History
Revisiting Partition
More Than Just Money
Writing History
Dalit Literature: Moving to Maturity
How A Dispute Was Manufactured
Memories and Reflections
Common Sense, Rationality and Social Progress
Engaging with Khajuraho
Sculpting With Bricks
An Identity Crisis
Earthly Paradises
Colonial Khaki
Myriad Ramifications of Self-Immolation
Questioning Tradition
Illuminating An Era
Paradigm of 'Service'
Interpreting Epigraphy
An Interesting Smorgasbord
A ‘Tragic’ Emperor Amidst Alien Rule
Increasing Oppression and Shifting Response
Devotion of the Excluded
Mapping Print Areas
Mapping European Interpretations
Confluence of Disciplines
Contours of Changing Book Culture
Understanding ’Syncretism’
Ideas And Praxis: A Creative Dialogue
Federal Equations
The Place of Robb
Kings, Commoners and the State
Hindu Philosophy
Buddhism Deferred
A Sikh Space in Pre-Colonial Punjab!
A Royal Chronicle
Religion Through Language
Three Centuries of Historiography Under the Lens
Nationalism in Indian Cities
The 'South' of India
A Woman of Many Strands
The Debate Over 1857
Storing for the Future
Frames of Creative Expression
Nemesis or Genesis
A Dissenting Perspective
Asymmetries of Colonial Encounters
What Constitutes Crime?
Bird’s Eye View of Wheeler
Tracts from a Volatile Region
Prometheus Unbound?
Constraints and Possibilities
Portraying An Insurrection
Tiger ! Tiger !
A Socio-Cultural Analysis
Of Muslim Rajputs
Pluralistic Theism
Imagined Concepts
Tall Leaders of Independence
Narratives and Counter-Narratives
Standing Tall In The Face Of Odds
A Unique Revolutionary
A Prisoner of Presuppositions
The Question of Identity Formation
Questioning Certitudes: Thoughts Across Cultures
Strategies of Contestations And Equivalence
Ambedkar’s Legacy and Contemporary Dalit Discourse
Understanding Modes of Colonial Domination
A Travelogue
Recording Dalit History
Telling Lives
1857 Revisited
Inventing India
No Pointers
Linking Science to the Colonial Agenda
Amchi Mumbai
Poverty of Radical Politics
‘Defenders of The Establishment’ Under A Microscope
Whose Map/Whose Past?
The Krishna Cult
Re-siting the Syncretic Spirit of Medieval Indian Literature
Homogenizing Culture
Dynamics of Oceanic Regions
State Centre Relations
Understanding Social Praxis
A Colonial Project
A Celebration Of Empire
Enquiry Into The Materiality Of Hurt
26/11: Constructing A Timeline
Historicizing Cultural Antecedents
Adivasis in a Colonial World
Beyond a 'Sanitized' History
Economy and Society
Going Beyond Narrative Histories
River Valleys, Hill States and Colonial Rule
Witnessing History
Gandhis Years in South Africa
JP's Revolution
Divide and Quit
Retrieving A Vanishing Past
Witness to Freedom
Profiling India's Commercial Capital
Simplifying Matters
Fluid Geography / Fluid Memories
Recovering the Real Bhagat Singh
A Historical Biography
'A Contemporary Widening of Partition Studies'
Beyond Monolithic Frameworks
A Structured Web
Talking Through The Past
Gandhi: The Last Years and After
Truth About Minorities
Debating Sovereignty
Beyond Hagiography
Living in Marxist Dream: A Disillusioned Long March
A Warrior of Freedom
Identity Formation and Conflict
A Wide-spectrum Analysis
Mainstreaming Forest Dwellers
Of Seperations and Identities
Ecosystems and Development
A Timeless Classic
A Slice of Lived History
Complementary/Contending Strands
Racy, Risky History
Emergence of Two Nations
Keynes Re-engaged
Muslim Culture in the Last Century
Sorties in Art, History, Politics and Culture
Some French Perspectives
Encapsulating Definitive Epochs
Khadi and its Discontents
A Poetic Journey into Pallava Art
Conversion and Critical Language
Limits of Hegemony
Readymade Ramayana
A Ringside View Of History
On the Border
Memory, History And Modernity
The Glory that was the Empire
Love, Life and Spiritual Visions
From Colonial To Contemporary Times
Peasant Movements Revisited
Need for Dialogue
Bengal's Commerce
In the Shadow of the Public Domain
History of Dissent and Conflict
What It Means To Be A Hindu
Widening Horizons/Documenting Faith
Subtle Shifts In Memorializing the Past
Politics of Identity Formation
Painting the Big Picture
The Colonial Project Defined
Insurgencies and Insurrections
Settling A Controversy
How History is Read
Reading An ‘Enigma’
Bridging a Gap Between Tradition and Modernity
Chronicling a Publishing House
Militant Irony
Land, Legacy and Litigation
Destigmatizing Chamars
A History of Protest
Sites for New Interventions
Crafting Nationhood
City Mores
Decline of an Empire
Showcasing of a Marginalized Region
Good Public-Sector Scholarship
Remaking the Hindu Identity
Liberating Insights
Relating History and Communities
Contestations over Indian Nationalism
Arenas and Acts of Telugu-ness
Engaging With Stones
Invoking Marginality
Transformative Events Analysed
Twilight Zone of the ‘Forgotten’
Eloquence Down the Years
Worldly Calculations and Extraordinary Visions
Song of a Whistling Thrush
Removing the Veil of Oblivion
Disappearing Habitats
An Empirical Account
A Complex Phenomenon
The Sacred and the Secular as Universal Problems
‘On Official History’
Interpreting Form and Reality
Bourgeois Sociality in South Asia
An Historic Expedition
A Gateway to Pondicherry
Strands of History
Mostly Facts—Some Fiction
A Continuing Debate
Bindings and Bondings
A “Superior Lady’s” View
War and the Sensory World
Matter Of Ethics
Monochrome Images
A Historian with a Holistic Vision
The Slippery Path of Progress
Showcasing A Trend
Politics, Punjabiyat, Insaniyat
'Rewriting' History
Hybridity: Fluid Bridge of History
How Not to Be a Nehruvian
Architecture in the Evolution of a City
Of 'Better Angels of Our Nature'
The 'Other' History
From the 'Ante-natal' Scenario to the Present
City as a Sacrificial Site
Landmark in Art
Of Siva, Religious and Cultural Space
The Self and the World in its Myriad Forms
Redressing an Imbalance
Holding the Mirror
‘Situating Music in its Context’
Nuanced Reading Of India’s Environmental History
Story of British Rule in Kenya
Social Art at its Best
Making History Come Alive
World Renouncers and Men of the World
Mapping the Terrain of Emotion
Documenting the Role of an Institution
A ‘Bird’s Eye View’ of India’s Natural History
Of the Historical and the Hagiographic
Cross Border Tales
Charting New Routes
A Living Institution
Missing the Medieval
Narrativizing History And Causality
Teaching Early Indian History
The Story is the Thing
Warriors in Grey
At Home in the World
Unravelling Marriage in the Indian Context
A ‘Useful’ Colonial Construct?
Re-Visiting Medieval Indian History
Multiplicity as Strength and Vulnerability
Historical Representations Through a Lens
Emduring Footprints
Breaking Psychological Barriers
The Public Face of History
Cinderellas of Archaeological Explorations
A Tale of Conflicts
Power At The Tip Of A Pen
Language Predicament, Decay and Death
Shifting, Contextual Discourse of Power
Grim Reminder of Medusa's Head
The Blue Pencil
Social History of Medicine
Creativity Amidst Loss
A Synoptic History
Appropriating Aœoka—Memory, History, Politics
Recipes Galore
Reassessing a Modern Thinker
Discovering Harappan Cities
Small Towns, Grand Ideas
The Burmese Enigma
Mapping the Caste Debate
History of a Revolt
Looking Back at a Visual Archive
A Multifaceted Life
Warriors and Their Art
New Insights on Partition
Jihad in Islamic Discourse
A Journey of Discovery
Pathway to Knowledge
Anthologizing Islam in South Asia
Enchanted Aesthetic Spaces
Engaging with the Urban Predicament
A Murder Foretold
Journey of the Secret Ballot
Infamous In Indian History
Ideological Moorings Of A Community
Life of a Nationalist Muslim
A Legacy Lives On
A Region's Unique Canvas
Crossings And Journeys
A State With A Contested Past
More Than A Pastime
Knowledge-Power Relationship in Colonial India
Making History of their Choice
The IFsof History
Evolving Trade Networks
Towards Understanding Larger Historical Trajectories
A Biography Revisited
Contentious Issues
Bangladesh History as Structure
War Elephant As An Idea
Unanswered Questions
Writing Twentieth Century History –From Colony to Nation: A Conference Report*
A Framework For Strategic Creativity
A Glorious Symbol
For the Sake of Pragmatism
Of Arms and the Man
Arresting Splendour
Imprints of Stone
Integral Linkages
Global Concerns
Colonial Capitalism and the Natural World
Ethical and Political Conundrums of Gandhi’s Legacy
A Dangerously Flawed Thesis
Intimate Portrayal of Bombay City
The Never Ending Debate
New Pathways of Scrutiny
Making and Remaking the World
Scribal Traditions Catalogued
Migrants from the Frontier
Gazing the Linguistic Crystal Ball
Parables of a Time Gone By
Deconstructing Monolithic Islam and Homogeneous Muslim Community
Addressing the American Reader
Poetry and History
A Visual Delight
The Persistence of Memory
A Juristic Contribution
Trajectories of Political Change
Reliving Moments that Mattered
Narrativizing Partition: The Perils of Overkill
Lived and Living Agonies
An Enigmatic Work
Voices of Hope
Putting the Ocean into a Jug

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