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Indian Languages - Hindi

Reaching Out
Voice of the Soul*
For Whom Do The Bells Toll?
Space, Sensibility and Poetry
Quaint Tellings
The Short and the Shorter
A Manysplendoured Debate
Through A RoseTinted Lens
Of Vanishing Traditions
Getting to Know Agyeya
The Story of Hindi
Above Gender Statements
Political Dilemma of a Modernist
The Long and the Short of it
The Inner and the Outer
Cameos of Pre-partition Punjab
Is the Author Another Being?
Of Soap and Fiction
Death and Identity
Poetic Depiction
Moral Choices
Strength and Weakness
Dissent and Discourse
Translation as Poetic Credo
Hindi 'Comaraderie' and Communist Cosmopolitanism
Theorizing Dalit Creativity
Overdoing Transcreation
Travails of a Woman Writer
Nirala's Experiments with Truth
Against All Odds
Inspired By Poetics’ Past
Of Cruelty, Deceipt and Deception
The ‘Dalit’ and the ‘Lok’ in the Discursive Hindi Hemisphere
The Subaltern Speaks
The Writer and the Written
Fragile Anchors and Small Echoes
Negotiating the Rough Edges of Life
Reappraising Meera: Introducing New Perspectives
Revisiting Premchand
To Live to Tell it
Atlas of Contemporary Hindi Imagination
A City in the Heart
A Lilting Dialect
Between Being and Becoming
'Who am I': Am I Not A Replica of Joshi
Resonating a Moral Demand
The Virtual World
Aur Todi Bhi
Reinterpreting A Classic
The Other Stream
Treatise on Urban Lives
Flavour of the Region
A Telling Picture*
Noh Theatre Art
Forays into Profanity and Profundity
Biography of a City
Seven Stories of Love in Dream
Signposts of Creativity
The Lyrical and the Prosaic
Milestones and Markers
Of Lived Experiences
When the Earth Shakes
Some Reflections on Teji Grovers Recent Poetry
Agyeya As a Cultural Critic
Judging The Book By Its Cover
Articulating the Inarticulate
Landscape of the Dispossessed
Celebrating Ordinary Lives
Metaphor for Woe
Critical Vision of Manager Pandey
Visualizing Divinity
Burning Issues
Painting Reality
Beyond Recorded History
Retrieving Hidden Jewels of the Sanskrit Deep

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