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International Relations

The Way India Thinks
Negotiating Reconciliation in a Shrinking Political Space
Strategic Assertions
How a Brutal Civil War was Ended
Credible Minimum Or Minimum Credible Juggling With Semantics
A Time for Reconstruction
Contentious Zones
A Deadly Mix
Challenges to Integrity and Existence
Beyond the Headlines
Tensions Between Security and Reconstruction
Alternative Perspectives
Documenting Struggle and Suffering
Debating Chindia Models of Economic Development
Pitfalls of Chinese Modernization
Of a Misadventure Under the Nuclear Shadow
Key Trends and Challenges
Changing Perspectives in a Globalized World
Defining a Political Idea of India
A Troubled Country
A Green Alternative or Road to Catastrophe
What Happened In Marichjhapi?
Violence Across Borders and Boundaries
Trauma of Displacement
India and China: Learning From Each Other
Challenging Western Interpretations of Thought
A Place ‘Insufficiently Imagined’
Excavation of Inequality
The Debate Continues
Anatomy of 'Aid'
Russia, Then and Now
Cultural and Political Linkages
Huntington In Reverse
Sober Thoughts on Nuclear Paradox
All the President's Men
Indo-Russian Perspectives
Science and the Nation-state
Rising Above Realpolitik?
The Big Picture
Asian Drama
From Ideational Origins to a Military State
Nuclear Arsenals Today
In Quest of a Hero?
Addressing a Conundrum
Peace, Planning and Platitudes
Pakistan and Nuclear Dilemma
In Search Of Roots In The Epic
Peaks And Troughs Of A Relationship
Shifting Identities Among High-Altitude Border People
Seasonal Trade Down the Millennia
Paradigms of Security
Celebrating Indian Democracy
Upanishads As the Key to Peace
A Transition on Record
From Détente to Entente
Wars and Global Political Economy
The Big Moment and The Media
The Ghost in the Room
Superpowers and the Subcontinent
Linking Epochal Events
Zia’s Bomb
Interdisciplinary Analyses
Of Unsung Heroes
From the Periphery
Future of the Non-aligned
Prospects For The Future
Africa’s New Challenges
Islamic Bomb and India's Options
A Vista Of Opportunities
The Retreat from Sela
A Complex Trajectory
From Nonalignment to Globalization
Foreign Policy Vibes
A Brief History
How Bangladesh Happened
A Well-fought War
From The Grassroots
Through Many Prisms
The Indian Ocean and Big Powers
Global Perceptions
The PalestineIsrael Question: Going Back to the Roots
Catering to Insecurity Dilemmas
An American Viewpoint
Transforming National Boundaries
A Mountain-Division in Battle
Contextualizing Bilateral Relations
Contours of a Bilateral Relationship
Uncovering A Dark Chapter
An Evolutionary Tale
A Thesis with Many Holes
Rebel With A Cause
Indian Perspective on Afghanistan
Preaching to the Converted
'Politically Incorrect'?
The Problematique of Statehood
Identity Problem or Power Play
Ethics of Liberal Intervention
Of Perceptions and Policies
Neither Up Nor Down
China: Politics of Civil War Era
Non-traditional Security: Looking East
A Family Tale
A Jaundiced View of the UN
Attributes of the Administrator
A Comprehensive Overview
Analysing Theoretical Models
Of Two Sets of Relationships
So Near And Yet So Far
An International Enigma
A Moving Threshold
Layered World of Malayalis
India: Superpower in the Making?
Evolving Equations
Why is Pakistan the Way it is?
Beyond the Beaten Track
On The Path Of Reform And Growth
Science in India: New Vistas
Democracy and Arenas of Conflict
A Monumental Legacy
Managing A Complex Security System
Russians Are Coming
Challenges And Variables
Nepal Is it only Dependency?
Negativity Of Toleration
Towards An Alternative Paradigm?
Dynamics of Change
Not Just An American Version
Complex Security Dimensions
On the Edge of an Abyss?
Death of Democracy
Strategic Alliances
Lessons in How Not to Fight a War
The ‘Proximate Neighbourhoood’
An Identity Crisis
Misreading of Cripps Mission
A Fraught Relationship
Understanding A ‘Civilization State’
Power, Threat and Violence
Whither China?
Implications of A Colonial Enterprise
Story of Loss and Hope
A Parallel Vision
A Comparative History of Iron-Making
Diplomacy as Mythology
Evolving Contours
China Policy in Tibet
Challenging Western Dominance
Afghan Futures
Anything But Ordinary
Indian’s Foreign Policy
India China Watching
Civil Society As A Medium of Dissent
Raising Questions
A Diasporic View
Linking Intellectual Inputs
Parametres and Benchmarks
A Protean Subject
Geo-strategic Role in South Asia
Tropes of Change
Pitfalls in India's Aid-Diplomacy
Reflecting the Twists and Turns of History
Eternal Triangles
Nepal's Mini Revolution
The Territorial Trap
Brand Ambassadors of Taste
Bilateral Relationships
How India Deals With the World
Confrontation, Dialogue and Radicalization
Caught in a Time Warp
A Handy Reference Book
New Theatres of Conflict
Stark Realities
The South Asian Terror Story
Overawed by RAW
Jagged Ends of a Shattered World
Is Nuclear ‘Deterrence’ Credible?
A Bird’s Eye View
South Asia as ‘Welfare Locale’?
Contemporary Policy Challenges
India-South East Asia Interface
A Complex Domain
In Search of a Strategic Culture
Terrorism: Weapon of the Weak?
Travails of a Nation
Revisiting Borders
A Diplomat’s Memoirs
Beyond the Legacy of Conflict
Addressing a Complex Issue
Defining A Region
Dynamics of Decision-making
Uncivilized Actions Unholy Reactions
Hegemony of Violence Analysed
A Vietnam in the Making?
The Continent of Circe-II
A Lost Cause Under the Microscope
Symbol of Exotic Splendour
The Economic Route to Regional Security
Intricate Relationships
India-China-US: A Romantic Triangle?
Politics of Displacement
Challenges for a Cooperative Agenda
Theory and Praxis of Fundamentalism Unpacked
Fears of Anarchy?
Operation Sadbhavna
Of Tools and Records of Foreign Policy
Roadblocks to Ethnic Reconciliation
A Path Strewn With Skeletons
Documenting History and Politics
Entwined Relations
Mostly Facts—Some Fiction
Development Realities
Troubled Muslims
Internal Dynamics of the Eastern Bloc
When Nature Strikes
A Civilizational Approach
Beyond Universal Solutions
Looking At the Big Picture
An Unending Political Transition
The Story of a Saga
Charting the Depths of Change
The East-East Conflict
Muslims and Terrorism
An Impressive Record
Multiple Perspectives
What Works In Asian Scenarios
Militarism and Business Cycles
A Scholar-Diplomat's Gentle Counsel
Implications for the Global System
Realpolitic Tempered with a Nehruvian Touch
Peace Process in Sri Lanka
A Paradigm Shift in Relations?
Articulating A Dream
A Bumpy Road Ahead
Reconstructing History
‘East is East’, West is West?
Classifying Responses
The Terrorist Knows No Borders
Nation-Building Through Accommodation
Iraq: Introspection and Hindsight
What Ails It?
Games Nations Play
Diplomacy As a Profession
Saga of Courage
Migrants in Search of Identity
The Dialogue Continues
Indian Military: Apolitical and Autonomous
Seeking Social Justice
Indian Diplomacy at Work
Containing The Lemming Impulse
Pakistan: In Search of an Identity
An Unforgettable Legacy
Weaponization of the Subcontinent
Positioning Indian Art in a Global Market
One-dimensional Viewpoint
Tribulations of Contemporary Afghanistan
Reminiscences of a Soldier Turned Writer
A Compendium
Politics and Protection
Outcome of Partition Faultlines
On a Trapeze Between Emotion And Reality
Water in Pakistan: The World Bank View
Realistic Prognoses
A Critical Look At US-Pakistan Relations
Intractable Animosity
Small is Beautiful
Terror Patterns
Labour Perspective on the Bhutto Years
Power Dynamics Between Asia’s Odd Couple
Of Parties and Leaders
Continuing Contradictions
Fantasy, Probability and Reality
From Across the LoC, A Rare Indian Account
Processes And Consequences
Understanding Pakistan
New India's New Foreign Policy
A New Theory of World Influence
Professional Assessments
In Search of a Constitution
India's Strategic Leap
Possible Scenarios
Unequal Partners
From 'Darkness' into Light
Overrunning a Nation
The Audacity of Truth Or Lack Thereof
A New Asia
To Awaken A Sleeping Dragon
Interweaving Narratives
On Maritime Balance
Key Issues Debated
Zones of Conflict
Disengagement Milestones
Imperatives of National Interest
Domestic Politics and International Relations
Nation-building and Liberal Imperialism
The Military and the Nation
Stability-Instability Paradox
An Elusive Concept
Transnational Consequences of Conflict
Methods of Warfare
A Multi-spectral Collection
Continuing Linkages
Asian Panorama
Can India Become A ‘Rule Shaper’?
An Insider's View
Thinking Terror
Brutalizing the Young
Wooing A Neighbour
A Pot-pourri
Objectives and Strategies
Perilous Passage
Earthquake as Wake Up Call
A New Security Awareness
In Search of Normalization
Evolving Scenarios
From Denial To Coercion
A Postcolonial Record
Pragmatic Calculations
Beyond the Mainstream
Book a la Mode
Daughter Of The East
Peace Is About Justice
Explaining Negotiations
Civil-Military Disconnect
Masculinity and the Agency of War
Stepping into Conflict
A Life Lived by the Gun Alone
An Ongoing Debate
No, Jinnah was Never Communal
A Pawn In the International Order
Is Durable Peace Posible?
Miles To Go...
Issues Plaguing Karachi
A Complex Domain
Security Through Development
People-Related Security Issues
A Unique Tradition at Work
Literary Engagements with the Politics of Peace
Human Rights At the Altar of Security Expediency
Contextualizing China's Military Strategy
The Cult of Islamic Terrorism
Pros And Cons Of A Weapons System
Chronically Under Siege
Cooperation Or Conflict?
Challenges Of Religious Nationalism
That Entrenched Malady
Pakistan: The New Coup
Through the South Asian Lens
Man Ahead of His Times
In An Analytical Framework
Islam and Democracy in Pakistan
Looking Back: Diplomatic Tales
Alternative Approaches
Call for Transnational Jihad
Of Alienation and Displacement
A Bleak Century Ahead?
Call To Preventive Action
At The Crossroads
Deterrence—A Tricky concept
End Of An Era
In A See-saw Of Changing Equations
Of Despair and Hope
Theorizing an Anarchic Confrontation
A Relationship In The Process of Transformation
Clash of Arms
Action Plan for the Northeast
The Question of War and Peace
Strategic Matters
The Conundrum of Pakistan
Defining Reconciliation
Responses and Strategies
Complexities of A Social System
Identity Politics
Complex Realities

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