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Privilege and Exploitation
On Islam
A Legendary Wanderer
Why Blame Islam?
The Process of Islamization
An Indo-Muslim Tradition
Behind Islamic Revivalism
A Messianic Movement
A Long Trajectory
Islamic Legal Pronouncements
Rich Histories
Evolution of a Religion
Islam: Dynamism and Change
How Laws Are Interpreted
Politicizing the Muslim Ideal
Writing the Woman
The Debate Extended
Role of the 'Islamic' Factor
Known Conflict, Unknown Problems
Documenting History
A Tradition of Dialogue
Nation and Its Fringers
An Intellectual History of Osmania University
Islamic Thought
'Relocating the Nation'
Integral Linkages
Images of Islam
Role of Religion in South Asia
Responding To Modern Challenges
Of Muslims in Multiple Loci
An Empirical Study
Making Of A Jehadi
A Human Interest Tale
Towards A Khaldunian Sociology
Media Coverage of Islam: Goodbye Honest Journalism?
Translating a Category
Disparate Educational Mores
Of Older Traditions of Scholarship
Minority Stakes in Secularism
An Islam of Enlightenment
Understanding Contemporary Muslimness
Debating Monumental Matters: A Political Reading
Beaming the Message Large and Clear
Putting the Ocean into a Jug

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