Legal Studies

A Magisterial Text in Review
Plight Beneath the Veil
Reining in the Upholders of Law
A Handbook on Muslim Law
A Family in Search of a Law
Messy Compromise?
Constitution Matters
Teaching Law
Toward a Just Family Law
Not by Law Alone
Seeking Accountability
Increasing Oppression and Shifting Response
An Octogenarian Looks Back
Irony and Hypocrisy Regarding Human Rights
Privileging Empirical Reality
Introduction to a Discipline
Human Rights Perspectives
Jurisprudence Strategies Questioned
The Rights Dialogue
On the Assassin’s Trail
Reading the Law Within Public Discourses
Shared Experiences
A Judge’s Horizon
Justice Vs Compromise
What Ails the System?
Citizens and the Law
Contextualizing Dharma
Comparative Perspectives
Land, Legacy and Litigation
Towards a Life of Dignity
An Ethnographic Deconstruction
Broken Promises of Justice?
Interdisciplinary Engagements
Postcolonial Trials and Tribulations
Law’s Violence
In Need of ‘Therapeutic Jurisprudence’
How Laws Are Interpreted
An Empirical Analysis
A Crime Like No Other
Behind Bars
Stocktaking Time
A Useful Compendium
Arthashastrization of Hindu Law
Envisioning Subaltern Criminology for India

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