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Legal Studies

A Magisterial Text in Review
Plight Beneath the Veil
A Handbook on Muslim Law
Reining in the Upholders of Law
Messy Compromise?
A Family in Search of a Law
Constitution Matters
Teaching Law
Toward a Just Family Law
Not by Law Alone
Seeking Accountability
An Octogenarian Looks Back
Irony and Hypocrisy Regarding Human Rights
Privileging Empirical Reality
Increasing Oppression and Shifting Response
Introduction to a Discipline
Human Rights Perspectives
Jurisprudence Strategies Questioned
The Rights Dialogue
Reading the Law Within Public Discourses
Shared Experiences
On the Assassin’s Trail
A Judge’s Horizon
Justice Vs Compromise
Citizens and the Law
Contextualizing Dharma
What Ails the System?
Land, Legacy and Litigation
Towards a Life of Dignity
An Ethnographic Deconstruction
Comparative Perspectives
Broken Promises of Justice?
Interdisciplinary Engagements
Postcolonial Trials and Tribulations
Law’s Violence
In Need of ‘Therapeutic Jurisprudence’
How Laws Are Interpreted
An Empirical Analysis
A Crime Like No Other
Behind Bars
Stocktaking Time
A Useful Compendium
Arthashastrization of Hindu Law
Envisioning Subaltern Criminology for India

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