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The Cosmopolitan Tagore
A Page Out of a Radical's Life
Role of Literature: Critiquing Fictions
Melding of Currents
A Phenomenon of Transitions
In Their Own Words
Celebrating A Scholar
Fragmented Memories Retrieved
Insecurity Secured by Weapons Proliferation
Social Change: Causes and Impact
Poet of the Lost and Drowning
Progressive Writers and Later Day Critics
Human Narratives
Mapping the Mind of an Idealist
Insights of a Shop Attendant
Travellers' Tales
The Secret Life Of A Novelist
Ismat The Iconoclast
Seductive Retelling
Magic Islands and Survival Experiments
Kala-Pani or Primitive Paradise?
A Rich Tapestry
The Long View
A Culturally-Embedded Complex Text
Thus Spoke Begum Rokeya
A Feel-Good Novel
Let the Literature Speak
Adventures in Flight
Caught in a Web of Action and Reaction
Exploring Transitional Spaces
Of Romance, Mystery and History
Mystical Cross-currents
A Riparian Saga
A Coming-of-Age Tale with a Difference
Exploring Creative Spaces
Dealing with Marginalization
‘In the Windows of Time’
Remembering A Town Called Dehra
War and Words
Trade as Imperialism
Tale of Goa Through Lives of Generations
Of Foundational Texts And Exegesis
Debates & Discourse
Tale of Power and Splendour
Punjabi Literature Through the Prism of History
A Breath of Fresh Air
A Taste for Honey
The Mystic and the Marxist
Dalit Literature: Moving to Maturity
Language is the Meaning
An Affectionate Memento
Of Clashing World Views
Through a Man’s Imagination
Recording a Modern Sensibility
Of An Anti-Hero And His Tragedy
Melting Pot Within a Melting Pot
Tolstoy Remembered
Traceries of Human Interactions
Threads of Confusion
Bio-Fiction And A Biography
Hindi Literature
Between Languages and Cultures
Ghosts from the Past
Bengali Ethos
Anand Festschrift
Muscles of Imagination and Fantasy
Exploring Shifting Nuances
A Love Triangle In Time Warp
Indian Novel Today
That Which Is Well Said
Nandy—The Cultural Critic
A Marxist Critique of Globalization
Hindi Literature
Marathi Literature
A Life of Courage and Patriotism
A Quaint Tribute to a Quaint Idealism
The Writer's Canvas
A Labour of Love
The ‘Trick’ Goes Stale
A Long Trajectory
From Dahomey, With Love
Books That Abide
A Karmic Short-Circuit In Technicolour
Reinventing the Art of Telling
Hunting The Snark: On The Trail Of Regional Indian Science Fiction
Deceptive Uses of Language
Moving Tale of Love and Betrayal
Mahabharata Transcreated
A Good Life
Greek and Indian Thought
Oriya Literature
Journeying on the Raft of Life
Those Unspoken Words
Lives and Struggles
Plight of Uncared Waifs
Select Writings
Love Lost A Lifetime Ago
Geneologies of a Tradition
Resuscitating a Text
A Life of a Child
Uneasy Medium
Mr. Burton is not Impressed
The Gift of Tongues
Charpoy Tales
Oh, To Be Born A Girl!
Here is God's Plenty
Between Fiction, Myth, and History: Women's Narratives
Holding A Candle To The Mirror
Love and Life
Delicate, Intricate and Taut
Juxtaposing Pieces
Reading Colonialism
Savouring an Australian Platter
Entangled Narrative Lines
The Fire-breathing Singer
Through Children's Eyes
Interpreting People and Places
Differing Visions
Do's and Dont's of Journalism
Maiden Ventures
The Poet and Rebel
Pointless and Trivial
Slaying The Demon
Debunking Historical Stereotypes
The Trope of Space in Indian Writing in English
Love in the Time of Conquest
Writerly Skills
Squandered Riches
Chandran Goes On
Indo-Brit Jugalbandi
Bonds of “Walayat”
'Easy Listening'?
Their India
To Experience and Record
Between Aurora and Maria:Being and Becoming in Goa
Many Lives of the Literary Text
Of Personal Dislocations
A Psychological Minefield
Of Lineages And Cultural Traditions
Varieties of English and Their Uses
Language as Narrative
An Amalgam of Facts Transformed Into Art
Finding the Right Word
To English or Not to English—That is Not the Question
A Rich and Poignant Life
The Wonderland Through a Looking Glass
Exploring 'Indianess'
Hybridity: Fluid Bridge of History
Awaiting the Monsoon
An Entertaining Raconteur
A Multilayered Tale
City on the Plain
Floyd in Shillong
Of Bards and Bad Press
Explaining Two Worlds
Vagaries of Life
Writing Africa
Conversant Culturalisms
Merging Margins With The Center
Biblical Novels
Not All Revolutions Will Be Televised
Whither the Peace, the Temples?
Myriad Hues of Kittur
A Royal Story Sans Pomp and Splendour
Life in the City
A Vision of Future Warfare
Lakshman's Madras
Portraying A Vanishing Community
Redolent With History
Of Rootless Lives
A Labour of Love
Texts and Debates
Rudrakot in 1942: A Story
Complexcities Of A Nation On The Move
I have Brought You a Mirror—Look at Yourself and Know Me
Fragility of the Secular Ideal
Three First Novels
Reality Byes
Traversing Literary and Domestic Spheres
Unveiling Desires
That Man Woman Partnership
Something of an Enigma
Repertoire of Voices
Sans Closures
Chasms and Relationships
Multiple Avatars of Indian Women
Of Creativity and Dissent
Goa in Another Age
Many Masters, Many Slaves
Shakespeare and India or India's Shakespeare?
A Cautionary Tale
A Morality Tale With A Difference
Currents of Enigma
Portraying Human Relationships
Scrutinizing Jigsaw Puzzles
Custom and Infinite Variety
Reddi for More Distinctive Diasporic Voices?
An Embarrassment of Riches
‘New Songs of Experience’
Criticism Supplementing Literature
The City as Melting-Pot
Anand and Disciple
Outside the Monochromatic Frame
Colonialist Twists to Shakespeare
The World on Stage
The Incense Stick Has Burnt Down
Redefining Stereotypes
European Artists’ Impressions
A Text of its Time
An Enduring Human Document
Reminder of A Dark Past
Lives Ordinary—To be Felt
Chasing Mirages
A New Scribe for the Mahabharata
Dreams Circling Memories
The Quintessential Salim Ali
Of Half-Remembered Pasts
A Tale of Conflict
Diversity in Unity?
A Human Document
Melding Past And Present
Telegraphic Gaze at History
Conversation Points
Enterpreneurial Visions
An Englishwoman in Calcutta
Exploring Wider Connectivities
A Way of Life
Portraits of Modern India
Whodunit Twice Over
Faction: Real vs Reel, Fact vs Fiction?
Journeying Home
In Shades of Grey
Untangling Human Complexities
Becoming His Dreams
In Search of Freedom
Encountering Seshadri
Grandparent of Postmodernism
A Relentless Structure
A Maverick’s Lore
Abounding in Imagery
Life And Times
Of All the Sad Words of Pen and Ink
A Debut Novel
Campaign of Historical Redress
Of Victims and Victimhood
A Crack That Hyphenates
Sahibs and Pandits
Chronicling Life In The Slow Lane
A Trader’s Voyage
Personal Is Political
Memories of an Era Gone By
Hell and Beyond
Of Celluloid Dreams and Revenge Comedy
Defying Mind Control
A Continuous Hyper State
A Family Saga
Globalizing the Local
Murders in a Bedroom
Inventing A New Story Every Day
Nuanced Narratives
From A Master Addabaaz
Crisscrossing Desires
A Polyphonic Narrative
Life on a Dead-End Lane
Green Tinged with Grey
Reproductive Rights and Wrongs  
Diplomatic Immunity
Prescribing Norms
Oriya Short Fiction In Translation
Soup Plates With Moonlight Scenes
Vignettes of Chennai
If Only Life Offered Second Chances...
A Study in Allegories
The Joy of Recall
Of Women, Animals Sans Men
The Right to Life
Of Beginnings And Endings
A Magic Weave
Weaving An Intricate Tale
Through a Maze of Relationships
A “Chick-lit” Novel
Theorizing a Praxis
Between a Village and the Metropolis
Fact & Fiction?
Comparative Critical Theory
In an Unexplored Genre
The Feminine Goddess
Of Violence and Life
Literary Flavours in Translation
A Techno Tale
Nothing Is, But What Is Not
Travelling Across Time
Confronting Life’s Challenges
Summoning Memories
Recreating Alphabets
Historizing Fiction
A Story in Two Parts
CDN and the Horizon of English Studies in India
Time / Space Interspersed
Indian Sites, Indifferent Insights
An "Other" India
Documenting Ordinary Lives
Reframing Critical Coordinates
A Remarkable Mosaic
The Creative and the Critical
Grandmothers in Particular
Different Themes
Registering Humanism
In Life's Halfway House
Cry, The Beloved Country
Hybrid Approaches
The Anglo-Indian Perspective
An Autobiographical Account
Much Travelled Tales
Little Humour, Better Verse
Whither Revolutions?
A Story In Parallel
Arbitrary Linkages
An Open-ended Tale
Love in the Age of Femina
Time Travel
A Year in the Life of Mohini
Chennai—The City on Skates
Speaking Out for Gender Identity
The Man, The Moment and the Movement
Kauline Perspectives
The Longing-and-Belonging Syndrome
In the Name of Diplomacy
Mahdi Hasan Khan’s London
Daring to Dream
A Mixed Bag
Faith and Spiritual Conversion
Defying Classification
Cheese-making, E-mail and All the Rest
Re-Remembering The Erased Past
Cocktail of Odours
Of Realities And Magic
An Alternate Sexuality
Mirroring a Pot-pourri
Beyond Dreams and Disillusionment
A Sprawling Epic
Revisiting a Revolution
Writing From the Outside
The ‘Other’ World Of Migrants
Recording an Era
Layered Text
Exploring Forgotten Heritage
Distancing Nation/Narratives
Womanist Fables
A Bitter Cup of Tea
A Haunting Tale
Politics of Critical Discourse
Ishq, Sringara, Love and Prem
Subcontinental English Writers
“A Voice Less Heard”
Playing with Fire
Of Madhavis among the Middle Class
A Multi-layered Workd
Questions of Identity and Nationality
Storyteller with a Difference
History, Memory, Time
Chiefly About Indian Fiction, 2004-2005
A 'Modern' Assamese Play
A Sensitive Rendering
Homaging a Language
Mixed Fare
Whodunit Tales
Love Minus Sex
Food Discourse
A Tale of Contemporary Afghanistan
Versions of the Self
A Poet's Vision of the World
A Brain-teaser
Overcoming Shades of Darkness
Re-viewing the Canon
Relationships As Navarasa
Of Turtle Images and Exotica
A Life Narrative
The China Report
Making of an Athlete
A Whydunit Tale
Across Two Worlds
Affirmations of Life
Tapestry of “Here” and “There”
Looking for Lost Horizons
Negotiating Different Registers
Loss and Longing
Narrating A Nation
About Obsessions
A Living Archive
The Progressives’ Progress
‘A Fictional Documentary’
Across Disciplinary Borders
New Lores by a Modern ‘O Tashi’
Sensuously Shadowy
Insider-Outsider Perspectives
Tiger, Tiger…?
Premchand: Soldier of the Pen
Inclusive Literary History
Forgetting/Remembering —Two Voices of Poetry
In Quest of One's Roots
Scattered Bright and Shining
Aftermath of an Abortion
From the Visual to the Word
Somewhere Between Here and There

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