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Of Politics and Personal Entanglements
Beyond Wedded Bliss
Understanding what went into Konkani
An Urdu Renaissance?
Women of Substance
Creeping Discontent
Another Chronicle of Loss and Love
Dialogic Deliberations on Women
Where Place Meets Language
Literature in Translation
On a Wide Canvas
Drama Centre Stage
The Art and Act of Translation
Of Love,Loving and Martyrdom
Parroting Tales
A Spectacular Epic
Exploring Female Subjectivity
'Well Said' Epigrams
India Reading Bharat
Revisiting Sangam Poetry
In Quest of Freedom
Censorship and Literary Genres
A Modern Classic in Translation
Performing Women
A Scholars'Treat!
On a Different Note
Modernity and Indegenity in Indian Theatre
Into That Heaven of Freedom
Literary Gerontology
Theory and Practice: A Good Mix
Orality and Translation
Emancipation Through Artistic Flight?
Manto The Master Story-teller
Translating Women: A Threepronged Epistemological Paradigm Shift
Presenting a New Hindu Ethos
A Transnational Narrative
Translating the Subcontinent
Tagore Text in Twenty-first Century Translation
Intertwining the Regional and the Global
Reading Subtitles
Grassroots Realities Fictionalized
The Radical Conservative
Complex Relationships
When the Word is Made Flesh
Folktales And Others
Mutation and Maturation
Living Under The Shadow Of Judicial Urbanism
Short Fiction of Universal Appeal
Capturing the Nuances of Bengali Writing
An Epic Fantasy
Debating Indian Literature
‘Local Stories of Translation’
M.T’s Literary Jaitrayatra
The Pilgrims' Progress
Collected Works of Rabindranath Tagore: Note on A New Edition
Literary Perspectives in Dialogue
Far Reaches of the Ocean
Modernity in a Novel Garb
Il bruno, il brutto, il cattivo
The All-Seeing Eye of the Mole
Interwoven Strands: Beyond Linearity
Link to Surrealism
Money Power
A Social Shift Captured
A Culturally-Embedded Complex Text
Reaching Out
Centring Women Protagonists
A Parallel Reform Discourse
Through A RoseTinted Lens
A Pioneering Work
A Tale of Human Degradation
Seeing Beyond Bankim and Bengal
Compendium of Richness
Revisiting the Self
Interrogating Caste: The Story of a Brahmin Household
A Poignant World
Songs of a Cosmopolitan Odia
Of Foundational Texts And Exegesis
Revoking the Given
A Promise Not Kept
Of Exile and Return
That Elusive Equivalence
Western Influence on Tamil Literature
Sensitive Societal Concerns
Living and Dying
Barahmasa in London
The Personal and the Political
Notes from the Underground
The Glory of Kalidasa
Passion in a Moral Universe
Of Senseless Upheavals and Lost Identities
Of A Revolution in the Making
A Taste for Honey
A Lament for Hero Worship
Sport of Translation and Untamed Difference
Learning from Travels
The Survived Poesis
From Debt Trap to Death Trap
Modern Man’s Predicament
In the Loka Tradition
Celebrating the Farmer’s Umbilical Cord with Nature
The Visual and the Verbal
Walk Down History
Male Gaze and Memory
Unspeakable Trauma
Located Within a Debate
Translating the Granularity of Indian Society
Cultural Transference
‘Tense, Intense’ and ‘Merry’ Wives of Windsor
Premchand's World
With No Hope Or Reason
Brand Ambassadors of Taste
Miosis of Caste and Culture
Witnessing History
Discrimination and the Intermediate Castes
Blossoms in Darkness
Tagore's Internationalism
Alienation and Exile
In An Ironic Mode
Retrieving an Iconic Text
Of 'Other' Childhoods
Writing A Life
Canons and Counter-discourses
A Dalit Epic
New Rendering of Mrcchakatika
Stories Set in Plural Pasts
Understanding the Modern Indian Nation State
"Magical Mystery Tour"
No Translation is an Island
Documenting A Fascinating Life
Standing at Cultural Cross-roads
The Owl Speaks To The Nation
Web of Kamakhya Lore
In a Heroic Vein
That Sacred Entity--'Word'
Translation as Poetic Credo
A Poetic Hyper-Reality
Reality of Dreams
Caste ‘Talking To’ Civil Society
Identity: Denial or Assertion
Conjoining Tradition and Modernity
Dalit Writing in English Translation
Submerged Voices
Jamaniya ka Daba
Musings of the Spirit
Punjabi Diaspora
Overdoing Transcreation
English Avataars of Bhasa Fiction
The Changing Indian Family
Encountering Premchand in Translations
A Conradian Saga
‘When Life Itself Was In Wrinkles’
Through a Cinematic Framework
Translating Bhai’s Konkani
Valuable Compendiums
A Dictionary in Konkani... Five Inches Thick!
Inspired By Poetics’ Past
Poems of Love and War
Echoes of Romantic Voices
The ‘Dalit’ and the ‘Lok’ in the Discursive Hindi Hemisphere
Challenging Everyday Realities
A Daughter’s Toast
Echoes of the Past
Afsana/Kahani Across Borders
Struggle is Not Just Social
Translating The Untranslatable
A Bunch Of Stories
The Critic, the Text and the World
Of Love and Other Demons
Interiority of the 'Economic'
Fragile Anchors and Small Echoes
Lives And Mores Of Goa Portuguesa*
Contextualizing Rumi
Illusions and Realities
A Legend Lives On
A Bleak Landscape
Of Dreams and Nightmares
Reappraising Meera: Introducing New Perspectives
Magical and Realistic
India's 'Thinking Detective'
Adorned In Indic Tropes And Themes
Three Translations
Echoes Of The Past In Translation
Invoking The Past
Non-pilgrim on a Holy Trail
Amidst Twists And Turns
Exploring Salvation
In Epithets Of Categories
Struggles and Commitment
Portrait of a Family on Paper
Translating Memories and Dreams
‘Difference’ As The Trade Mark
Allegorizing the Nation
How New Delhi Was Founded
Narrative Responses and Beyond
The Otherness That Defines Me
The Other Stream
Treatise on Urban Lives
A Cautionary Tale
Seeing the World in a Grain of Sand
Classics in Translation
A Feminist Fable
Modernity in the Vernacular
Of Dark Realities
Life in the Margins and the Muse
Polemics of Translation
Contentious Issues
Flavour of the Region
Forays into Profanity and Profundity
Imaging Writers
Biography of a City
The Kitchen and the Library
This Too Shall Pass
Realism of Memory
Defiance by Folk-Songs: “Kahi Esuri Phaag”
Reading the South Asian Woman
Makers Of A Canon
The Lyrical and the Prosaic
Imtiaz Dharker
Untouchability and Humanity
Engaging with Life
A Megacluster of Mini Narratives
Of Trauma and Home-made Sweets
Relocating the Modern Ethos
New Thresholds
Many Hues of Realism
Sujitda’s Final Score
A Rich Harvest
The Impossible, Miraculous and the Probable
Muted Voices from the Past
Writing Across Disciplines
A Woman of Small Things
Story of A Community
Resonances of the Past and the Future
A Cultural Icon
Creativity and Reality
A Variety of Stories
A Window to a Widow’s World
Existential Agonies
A Nobel Laureates Visit: A Golden Bridge
Engulfing Sand
The Unwanted Goddess
A Collection to Cherish
A Pitiless Mirror
Womanscape in Mahadevi and Mridula
Recuperating Binodini
The Real and the Spiritual
A Disturbing Tale
Rediscovering a Master
A Seasoned Offering
A Complex Linguistic Phenomenon
An Exuberance of Words
Behind the Stage and in the Wings!
Of Human Bondage
Mapping a Chronology of Time
Textual Representations
Beyond Posterity
Celebrating the Ordinary
Intertwining Stories
From 'Sweet' to 'Divine' Madness
A Teacher, His Pupil and Morality
Fiction from the Emerald Isle
From the Hindu Metroplus
Literary Evocation of a Place and People
Sri Lankan Literature: Contexts and Criticism
Defining Amorphous Relationships
Aspirations and Apprehensions
Culture Specific Scenarios
A Historical Overview
Of Unfolding Relationships
Codes of Seclusion
Faiz in English Original
Translator as Carnivore
Breaking up Truth with Laughter

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