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The Golden Bough
Imagining History, Imagining the Universe
Fragmented Memories Retrieved
A Poetic Engagement
An Interesting Corpus
Spirit of Kabir
Poetry For Rhyme And Reason
Chhayavad And Sumitra Nandan Pant
Dealing with Marginalization
Poems As An Instant of Lucidity
He Who Rides a Dragon
Poetry of the Grassroots
Of A Revolution in the Making
Glimpses of Indian Poetry
Paens to Childhood
The Bisected Self
Parables of Dewfall and Atom Dust
Bird Smaller than the Eye
Changing Pattern
Modern Indian Poetry
Poetry of the Polluted City
A Quartet
A Casket Of Symbols And Images
Poetry of Love
Harbingers of Revolution
The Golden Bough
Darkness Over the Sublime
Come and See the Blood in the Streets...
Dread. Dreams and Ecstasies: Nation's Poetry as Language
The Flesh of Life
What Lessons Do You Learn?
A Wayside Collection
A Poetic Hyper-Reality
Sheaf of Grief
Varigated Contours
The Sound of Wings
Trivia to Tragedy
Celebrating History and Legend
Accommodating The Universe On A Sheet Of Paper
Negotiating the Rough Edges of Life
A Statement About Life
Engendered Poetry
Patchwork Quilt Of Poems
Stray Summer Madness
Between Being and Becoming
Balancing on the Cusp: Indian Poets Who Happen to Write in English
From Larger Day to Huger Night
Songs from the Underworld
The Naive Poet-Traveller
In Search of Grace
Imagery and Symbols
Campaign of Historical Redress
A Life-Sentence
Makers Of A Canon
‘In the Tranquil Square of the Senses’
Words To Hold Worlds
‘Wrapped in Haloes of Bloody Tales’
Transnationalism and Reflective Verse
A Voices of a Living Time
The Convenience of ‘Fashionable’ Discourse
Concur. Quote. Applaud
Poetry and History
Lusting After Sun and Moon
The Voice of a Bygone Century
Of A Mystery Man in Urdu Literature
Meaningful Verse
Life as a Series of Windows
Negotiating Translation

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