The Irreverent Muse
Towards Enlightened Humanism?
Diasporic Enigmas
Hindu-Nationalism and Violence Across India
Geneologies Of Political Modernity
How To Retrieve Credibility
The Making Of India's NSA
What Sustains Indian Democracy
Politics Matters: A Contextual Reading Of Indian Democracy
From The Margins Of Political Society
A Complex Phenomenon
India Through The French Lens
Theorizing Interactions
When A Rose Is Not A Rose: Of Ambiguity, Obscurity And Shadows
Damning Testimony
Universal Resonance
Unfolding Dynamics In China
A Call To The Nation's Conscience
Evaluating the Role of a Public Figure
Seeking The ‘Rightful Place’
Spaces Of Connection
The Many Worlds of Rabindrasangeet
J&K: Multiple Doors, But Delhi Holds The Key
A Longue Duree Approach To People's Politics
Tagore the Social Thinker
J&K: Multiple Doors, But Delhi Holds The Key
Constructions Of The Islamic Project
Highlighting Commonality of Concerns
Federal Concept at Work
Aspiring For Parliamentary Democracy
Gender Identities In Resisting Inequalities
An Ideology Under Siege
Exploding The Afghan Ethnic Myth
Not By Productivity Alone
'Asking We Walk'
Terror’s Foot Soldier
When War Is No Option
Living in the Margins
Accidental Prime Minister
Confrontations Over Riparian Issues
A Scholar Non-pareil
Theoretical Insights
Beyond Normative, Technocratic And Economic Perspectives
A Madcap Dance Of Perfected Eccentricities
A Moment of National Redemption
Reimagining Labour Politics
The Entity that is Globalization
'Deepening' Democracy: Beyond Institutional Parameters
Affiliating Labour: New Perspectives
Coexistence in an Interdependent World
Conundrum of Liberalism in Indian History
Growth Perspectives on South Asia
Cultural Contact and Global Mashups
Paeans to a Rising India
Villages: Contradictions and Consensus
Annotating Recent History
Return to Sanity?
The Rise And The Fall
Citizenship and Governmentality
How Not to Debate with Our Past
Politics of Delegation and Risk
For a Global Ethic of Pluralist Universalism
State, Community and Politics
Religion, Politics and Public Policy: Interrogating Discourses
Managing Ethnic Diversities
Unfinished Agendas
Politics Under the Raj
Illogic of Circular Reasoning
Accomodating Differences
Seeds of Ethnicity
Hindi = Delhi = India?
Troubled Land
Of Norms Of Debate
Asian Drama
Inida's New Middle Class Mantram
The RSS Story Untold
Inclusive Citizenship and the Calling of Transformations
Migration and Diaspora in the Contemporary World
How To Judge A Biography
Writing and Identity
A Multi-disciplinary Approach
Vajpayee’s Nehru*
Our Khaki Protectors
The Power of Polemic
Periyar: A Man Little Understood
Compiling A Public Archive
Redefining Goals
Complexities of Planning
Through Critical Lenses
Myths of Construction
A Unique Expose
Reining in the Upholders of Law
Caste and Class
Glimpses of Leaders
Key Concepts Analysed
Punjab Politics: Narratives of State and Stutters
Public Intellectual: An Endangered Species
Communal Syndrome
Norms of Identity
Sharing Power
Imperatives of Nationalism
Communalism, Partition, Diaspora and Shifting Identities
Linking the General to the Particular
Wanderings in the World of Ideas
The Story Thus Far
Evolution of Bihar's Identity
No Alternatives to Democracy
All Well with Indian Democracy?
Linking the Spiritual to the Political
Towards a New Social Contract
The Indira Style
Debating the Coalition Option
Beyond Eurocentric Perspectives
A Defunct Concept?
In India, Everyone!
When things Fall Apart
Alternative Models of Politics
An Intellectual History Project
Data-based Electoral Analysis: Search for Appropriate Methods
Hermeneutics of Violence
Immunity and Punishment
Rural/Urban Responses
Dimensions of Socio-Economic and Political Changes
India: A Kaleidoscopic Journey
Media and Society
American Perspectives
Linking Epochal Events
Re-interpreting Evidences and Inputs
Case For Employment-friendly Markets
Trajectory of a Movement
Surveying the Field
Standing Against the Tide
A Narrative on Development
Development of Kisan Movement in U.P.
Shifts and Ambiguities
Contextualizing Bilateral Relations
Incrementalim vs Ideology: The Dilemma of Developing Nations
Challenges to the Nation-State
Changing Parameters
The Handshake and After
Conflicting Claims In Democratizing India
Indian Freedom Movement—The British Element
Return to Game Theory
Greatness or Tragedy?
Politics Of Heritage Sites
Run-up to the Emergency
A Critic Critiqued
Challenge for Secularism and Democracy
How Does Delhi Vote?
Debating Political Theory
State Power and its Repositories
Oddities of a State's Politics
Multiple Trajectories Of Globalization
Riots Do Not Happen Accidentally
International Security, Afghanistan and 2014: Seeds of Instability
Travelling Back in Time
Weaving a Complex Tale
A Language Nobody Knows
Contours and Concepts of Peace
An Evolutionary Tale
Contours of Calamity
Philosophy in Modern India
'Politically Incorrect'?
Searching for a New Paradigm
Commonalities and Linkages
Eulogium on Sugar Cooperatives
A Triangular Drama
What Lies Ahead?
Fitting Epitaph
A Guide to Political Research
In a Sub-set of National Politics
The Troubled Ocean
The Contemporary Canvas
Israel and the Arabs
The Muslim Psyche
A Snapshot
A Dialogue Between Two Dissenters
Politics Of Urban Exclusion
Charted and Uncharted Territory
Globalization, Democracy and Capitalism in the 21st Century
The Plus and Minus of Building a Dam
Of Nationalism, Autonomy and 'Azadi'
Discourses of Religious and Political Violence
The Tellers of Tales
A Complex Story
Of Men Who Toiled on the Seas
Behind Islamic Revivalism
Equations and Dynamics
Manifesto of a Rationalist
A Riparian Saga
The Right Shade of Saffron!
Whither the Nuclear Deal?
A Document to be Taken Note of
A Chronicle of Egypt’s Spring
Bridging the Cataracts of Silence
Ala Coomaraswamy
Theorizing Beyond the Western Canon
Performance, Representation and National Identity
Pressure Groups in Sri Lanka
How To Make People Think Peace
Vagrant Community Life
On Democratic Incompleteness
Elections and Voting in India
Accounts Of A National Trauma
Across The Ideological Canvas
Indian Administration
Towards A Nuanced Discourse
Prioritizing 'Governance' Over 'Government'
Trajectories of Development
Toward Making Utopia a Reality
Pages From the Theatre of Life
Regions and Regional Consciousness
Carving a Niche in the Oceanic World
The 'Embattled Dolphin' Explored
World Through the Dalit Lens
Politics of Coalition or Identity?
State of the Art in the Art of the State
A Mosaic of Pain Suffering
Issues of Our Times
Unusual Viewpoints
Filtered Memories
Quest for Consensus
A Work of Celebration
Historiography and Historians
Policing For the People, By the People
India: Superpower in the Making?
Lines Matter
Politics and the People
Religion and Riots
Kerala Developmental Experiences
A Never-Ending Debate
The Real Orissa
Postcolonial Politics of India
Punjab's Success
Many Makings of a 'Heartland'
Dynamics of Change
Columns Anthologized
Conflict Resolution As Janus-faced?
Of People, Politics And Religion
Democracy and Demands
Web of Relationships
An Identity Crisis
Nation and Its Discontent
Crisis Facing India’s Living Document
The ‘In-Between’ People
A Contested Arena
Partition Revisited as a Colonial Exit Strategy
Subtleties Of Indian Elections
Reinterpreting Gujarat and its identity
Political Rhetoric and Public Imagery
Translocal Ethnography: Commuting Between Macrocosm and Microcosm
Idea of a Continuum in Social Analyses
Articulating A New Politics
Bringing the Indian State Back In
Proactive Perspectives
A Sikh Space in Pre-Colonial Punjab!
What Constitutes Crime?
Of Crises of Citizenship and Capitalism
Dynamics of Indian Democracy
Depicting Changing Contours
Testing the ‘Idea of India’
Non-Existent Public Inquiry and the Right to Know
Federal Equations
Buddhism Deferred
In Search of Ethical and Political Mechanisms
Celebrating Brand India
Beyond Elections in India's Democracy
Individual Choices and Global Politics
A Political Journey
Patterns of Political Alliance
Lusting for Memory, Romancing with Phantoms
A Comprehensive Overview
Heterodox Economic Legacies
Arenas of Contestation
Multiple Realities Under the Lens
Of Migration and Its Mixed Consequences
Finding the Middle Ground in an Interdisciplinary Debate
In Search of Intellectual Roots
Beyond Binaries
‘Defenders of The Establishment’ Under A Microscope
Constructing A Liberal Civil Society
Alternative Paradigms
Charting Historiographies
Community By Communication
Corpus Mysticum to Luridicum
Past of the Future
Beyond Politics: A Layered Analysis
Critical Reflections
Bush and War
Engaging with Islam
Inclusion for Democratization
Multi-party Governments: The New Normal
Exploration of Education
Survival in the Wake of Crisis
Why The Southern States Are Ahead
Negotiating Spaces
JP's Revolution
Where There is a Will
The Gordian Knot
Federalizing India in the Age of Reforms
Thematizing the Contemporary
Ethnography of Migration
An Intractable Problem
Immanent and Context Transcending Habermas
An Intractable Problem Under Scrutiny
Of Hindu ‘Majoritarian’ Ideologues
New ‘Avatars’ of Caste in Contemporary India
Politics of Land
Metadata of State Reform in Sri Lanka
Emerging Welfare Regimes
The State and Religious Fervour
Constructing Class Through Food
A Many Splendoured Personality
Of Change And Continuities
Multi-Layered Process of Development
Challenges of Political Islam
Atomic Superheroes and 'Item Bombs'
Viewing with Two Lenses
Contemporary Ethnoscape
The Succession Game
Contextualizing Indian Politics
Linguism in Politics
Securing A Peaceful South Asia
Sorties in Art, History, Politics and Culture
Workings of a Strategy
Of Ideological Contours
A Bird’s Eye View
Planning Delhi
Intricacies of Congressional Politics
Turning the Soil
A Contemporary Record
Progress vs Regression: Interrogating the Erosion of the Morale of the Dalit Movement
A Micro-level View of Diplomacy
Governing Rural Bengal in the Age of Reforms?
Encapsulating Definitive Epochs
The Life and Death of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Reaffirming India’s Democratic Resilience
A Tumultous March
Aesthetic Dissonance
A Polyphony of Voices
Beyond the Realist Paradigm
An Insider Recounts
Critiquing Liberal Capitalist Democracy
Understanding a Possible India
Chasing A Mirage
Challenging Metaphysical Truth Claims
Addressing a Complex Issue
New Challenges and Unending Puzzles
Women's Oppression
River Linking Project: Learning from Experience
Changing Patterns of Justice
Decentralization and Empowerment
Nation in the Popular Imaginary
Of Faultlines and Challenges
Reading An ‘Enigma’
How the Tricolour Came to be Invented
Neighbourly Concerns
Uncivilized Actions Unholy Reactions
In Defence Of Liberalism
An Equmenical Approach
A Contested Issue
Showcasing of a Marginalized Region
Tangled Webs in a Global Sanctum Sanctorum
Memory and Narrative As Interpretive Devices
The World of Sadhus
Whose Movement?
Coopting Indian Ethos Into An Islamic Worldview
India's Misunderstood War
Decline of an Empire
Caste and Identity
The State and Citizenship
India-Pakistan Relations and Pakistan
New Impetus to Democratic Decentralization
Trauma of Displacement
Bureaucrat's Play
City Mores
Restrictive Cultural Frames
Land, Legacy and Litigation
Planetary Democracy
Rethinking Radical Politics
An Empirical Intervention
Mending Fences, Building Bridges
A Table-Top Reader
Theory and Praxis of Fundamentalism Unpacked
Business of Politics, Politics of Business
Himalayan Odds to Decentralization
Reminiscing Politics
Return of the Peasant
A Path Strewn With Skeletons
Through the Glass Darkly
Lessons for the future
Widening the Frame of Reference
Reviving Studies of Public Institutions
Portraying the Evolution of a Community
Deterrence At What Cost?
Mainstream Formulations
Passionate Partisan
A Cultural Conglomerate
A Serious Business
Battling Social Oppression
Evolving Regional Identity
Incompatibility Thesis Examined: Islam and Democracy
Heartlands of Ethnic Conflict
The Story in Vignettes
Hinduization of Seva
Milbus Syndrome
Dress As Markers of Separation
Agency/Voice in Development Discourse
Cold Wars Have Common Themes
An Eternal Bone of Contention
Many Arms of Globalization
Relevance Of Nonviolence
Birth Pangs of a Nation
Gendered Conflict
Revisiting the Agra Summit
The Mosque as Symbol
Interesting People, Uninteresting Thoughts
Witness to Creation
Power of Performance
Justice and the Sikh Politics of Recognition
Building Peace
Understanding the Chinese Behemoth
Lived Experiences
Ethnicity, Separatism and Violence
A New Identity
A Gigantic Framework
Nudging the Urge for Knowledge
Security Matters
A Contested Discourse
Presenting a Paradox
Mapping Progress
The Other Side of the Hill
The Terrorist Knows No Borders
Asian Security Calculus Analysed
Seeking Linkages
A Counter-hegemonic Political Project
Ethnographic Explorations
Seeking Peace in Sri Lanka
Bringing a Region into the Fold
Revolution’s Long Shadow
A Synoptic View
Aesthetics of a Lost Cause
Moral Insights into Caste Wars
Impact of Militarization on Pakistan
Grappling with the Iranian Nuclear Imbroglio
Weaponization of the Subcontinent
Challenging Paradigms
Evaluating Caste-based Reservation
Guiding Principles of Good Governance
Language Predicament, Decay and Death
The Blue Pencil
How Democracies Work
Benefitting the ‘Tribals’
Qualitative Information and Quantitative Data
Expose of Operation Cover Up
Should Ordinances be Abolished?
Strengthening Democracy in South Asia
Pakistans Quagmire: The Whys and Wherefore
Continuing Contradictions
Across the LOC: Facts, Fictions and History
A Counter-insurgency Strategy
New India's New Foreign Policy
The New Buzzword
'The Most Dangerous Place' in the World?
South Asian Bureaucracy
In Search of Viable Solutions
Reflecting the 'Dominant Discourse'
Pakistan's Heritage
Known Conflict, Unknown Problems
Beyond Separatism
Kashmir: the Road to Peace
Political History Through Diaries
A Continuing Debate
Home Truths from Abroad
Sites of Contestation
The Making Of Minorities
Analysing Tensions Between Liberty and Order
A Blueprint for Modernizing India
Colonial State And The Military Labour Market
Stereotypes Analysed
Politics on/of Language in Pakistan
Terrains of Negotiations
Democracy: A Work in Progress?
Compulsions and Shortcomings
Engineering Violence
Mysterious/Opulent, Evil?
Unpacking the Taboo
Can India Become A ‘Rule Shaper’?
A New Brand of Radical Politics Under the Lens
Identity and Politics
Intra Regional Interactions
Unending Conflict
Pakistan's Internal and External Dissonances
Of Arms and the Man
Recent Contributions on Afghanistan and Pakistan
Tracking Multitudinous Crises
Human Development: Two Kinds or One?
Global Concerns
Re-envisioning Peace
Politics of the Personal
Viewing Beyond Boundaries
Towards An Inclusivist Discourse
‘Insider’ Accounts
An Ever Festering Wound

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