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A Fearless Vision Towards A Dalitized India
Intimate Inequalities
Quantifying Socio-economic Exploitation
Endangered Subjects of History
Vignettes From Different Perspectives
Delineating Difference
Ethnography of Contemporary Communities
Villages: Contradictions and Consensus
The Redeemer Cometh: The Second Coming of Civil Society
Analyses of Peasant Movements
Investment in Children: Some Aspects
A Universal Concept Or Context-Dependent?
When a Sthalamahatmya Reaches the Coffee-Table
Ethos of European Socialism
Social Change: Causes and Impact
Exclusion and Agency
An Ideographic Analysis
Caste and Class
Everyday Processes in Identity Formation
Migrant Labour in Urban Setting
Social Change in India
An Atlas of Hunger
Changing Mores of Institutions
The Unequal Process of Social Change
From an 'Outside' Close to Home?
Role of Social Media
Redirecting Societal Norms
Glossing over Rural Crisis
Missing the Mark
Shifting the Anthropological Lens
Rhetoric of Spiritualist Nationalism
A Flow of Population
Changing Family Patterns
Fertility Behaviour Among Muslims
Electrifying the Villages
An End to Drought?
Complex Layers of Interconnections
Religion and Modernism in the Late Modern World
Discursive Discourse
Doctor's Role in Development
In A Familiar Frame of Reference
Eclipse of Old Sanctions
Taxonomy of Sociological Responses
Neo-liberal Development And Marginalization
Anthropology Offers ‘The Lure of the Concrete’ to Philosophy
Analysing Social Reality
Emerging Challenges
Agriculture, Non-farm Employment and Democratic Transition
Bridging the Cataracts of Silence
Distilled Wisdom
Brief and Useful
Towards A Nuanced Discourse
Through the Anthropological Lenses
International Lives of Migrants
Relating to the Society
Of Immigrants Past and Present
Understanding the ‘Other’ and the ‘Self’
The “Age Quake”
Religion and the Public Domain
Class Matters
Bringing 'Class' Back Into The Debate
Insuring Risk
Agriculture: Future Concerns
Population is About People
Holistic Eye on Bureaucratic Apparatus
Manufacturing Minorities
Roots of Inequality
Contextualizing Core Issues
Learning from the Past
An ‘In-between’ Place Reconstructed
In the Name of Reason
Using Data
Expounding Practical Implications
Misleading Rhetoric Set Aside
From Different Theoretical Perspectives
Marxism as Sociology
Where is the Party?
Water Related Issues
Writing a City
From Advaita To Atom
The Material Situation of the Marginalized
Bygone Memories
What is Sociology?
An Index to Stirring Times
Caste, Myth and Identity
Theology for Subaltern's Emancipation
Constructing A Liberal Civil Society
Across Spatial And Temporal Frameworks
A Statement for the Margin
Amchi Mumbai
An Exceptional Policeman
Intersecting Perspectives
An Academic Discourse
Introduction to a Discipline
Love, Memories And Care
Changing Life of a Remote Tribe
The Anguish Of Unbelonging
Between Tradition and Modernity
Sociology of Midnight’s Children
Documenting Challenges
Religious Assertion and Conflict
Voicelessness, Resistance and Embodiment
Maoism In Twenty-first Century India
Social Reform and the 'Women's Question'
The Meaning(s) of Sex: A View from India
Technology and Lived Experience
Decadence of a Society
Meo Resistance: A Neglected Story
Symbolizing Disconnects
A World Class Scientist and His Work
Indian Cities
Evolution Of A Profession
Negotiating Spaces
Dimensions of a Society
Fluid Geography / Fluid Memories
Changing Equations
Can Market Beat Manu?
Lived Experiences
Structures of City Life
Peeling the Layers
Deprivation and Alleviation
The Social Sciences
A Complex Social Web
Understanding A Religion, A Way of Life
Issues of Agricultural Development
Perceptions of Christianity
Initiatives and Responses
Engaging with Social Exclusion in India
Connecting with Wheels
Scope of Systems Approach
What It Means To Be A Hindu
Summing Up
Mapping An Intellectual Landscape
Harmonizing the Mind and Heart
Bengal's Commerce
Awry Imaginings
A Safe And Secure Passage Through Life
Politics and Poetics of Ethnography
The Sacred and the Secular as Universal Problems
Overcoming Caste Today?
(Re)reading Madan: A Few Critical Questions
Agriculture and Economy
Rising Inequality: Debating Factors
The Indian Family: Then and Now
A Complex Concern
Horrors of Jail Life
Dalit: Then Bodies
A Gateway to Pondicherry
Processes That Make A City
Enriching Adivasi/Tribal Studies in India
Bindings and Bondings
Smashing the Prison-house
Planning the Family
Understanding Social Realities
Stories That Sting
A Plea for Cultural Pluralism and a Multinational State
Nostalgia and Global Reality
A Dialogue of Ideas
Condemned to Kill?
Living At The Edge
The Factory Called ‘Home’
A Military Memoir
Perennial Delights in Translation
A Futuristic Approach
A Tragic Tale
Recording of North Indian Peasant and Rural Life
A Blueprint For Alternative Frameworks
A Golden Jubilee Offering
Man and Language
A Treat for Achebe Fans
Exploring Conversion And Its Discontents
A Dystopian Satire
Evoking The Ambience of A Place And Its People
The Transplanted People
Between the Heart and the Mind
Traversing New Terrains, Unveiling Tradition
Legalized Oppression
Between Romanticism and Reality
Ethnographies of Childhood
Benefitting the ‘Tribals’
Commonsense at Centrestage
Locating and Spatializing Science
Exploding the Myths About Conversion
Can Islamists be ever Secularized
Of Blurred Religious Identities
Plurarity and Tradition Under Pressure
A Challenge For Social Engineering
Mitigating Differences
The Other Tamils of Sri Lanka
The Idea of the Tribal
Human Rights Practice in the Era of Globalization
Social Transformation and Indegenous Communities
Pathbreaking Revelations
Mummyji’s Understudy
May The Food Agree With You
Re-envisioning Peace
Global Frameworks
Status of Interdisciplinary Studies
Dynamics of Development Initiatives
The Curious Case of Modern Art in Provincial Vadodara
The Warp and the Weft of Life
What Social Security Do the Elderly Have?
Narratives of Belonging
Fracturing a Community, Hegemonizing Secularism
Critical Perspective
Politics and Angst of Migrant Identity
Recognizing Rights
Nuclear Weapons after the Cold War
Reversing the Gaze
Who Rocks The Cradle?

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