South Asian Studies

South Asian Regionalism
How a Brutal Civil War was Ended
Highlighting Commonality of Concerns
A Time for Reconstruction
Factors Shaping The Region
How Green Is My Journalism
Conflicting Pulls
The Afghan Conundrum: Regional Answers?
Changing Patterns
Veneration and Appropriation of the Feminine
South Asian Media: Frames Of Failure?
The Role Language Plays
Under The Shadow Of The Gun
Complex Realities
Military In Foreign Policy
Credible Minimum Or Minimum Credible Juggling With Semantics
Military In Foreign Policy
What the Empire Stood For
Deconstructing Daesh
Of Hopes,Dreams and Aspirations
Humanity In Flux
A Comprehensive Source
Opportunities and Challenges
Gendering of Violence: Multivalent Relationships
In Praise of Anarchy
Changing Landscapes
A Nation in Disarray
South Asia Special Issue XIV
Postcolonialism In South Asia
A Vision for South Asia*
All Of Human History
Making Sense of Masculinities
A Developing Story
Problems and Prospects
Radicalizing Institutionalization
Conflict Literature: A Sociological Perspective
Nature, Politics and Conservation
Reading Lives Through Paper Trails
Myths of Construction
West Non-West Encounter
Beyond Eurocentric Perspectives
A View from Below
An End to Drought?
Preaching to the Converted
An Indo-Muslim Tradition
Sexuality—Normality and Abnormality
Scarce Elixir
An Exercise in Moral Philosophy
Discourses of Religious and Political Violence
Mystical Cross-currents
Reassessing the World of Sher Shah Suri
International Lives of Migrants
The Sage of Thiruvannamalai
Governance and Knowledge
A Dyadic Relationship
Why is Pakistan the Way it is?
Universality of Religion
On the Edge of an Abyss?
Reality of Religious Plurality
Columns Anthologized
Who Killed Cock Robin
Changing Balance Of Power
In the Penumbra of Might Have-Beens
Community Management of Forests
Power, Threat and Violence
Meaning of Jihad
Cameos On a Broad Canvas
In Search of Intellectual Roots
Beyond A Conventional Reading
A Portpourri on Pakistan
Myriad Methods of Othering
A Peep into the Great Game
An Intractable Problem
A Handy Reference Book
Footnoting History
Stephen Cohen Festschrift
Science, Rationality or Faith?
The State and Religious Fervour
Challenges of Political Islam
Securing A Peaceful South Asia
Exclusive Identities
India-South East Asia Interface
Practice and Politics of Marriage in South Asia
Complexities Of Changing Political Geography
Border-Crossings, Displacements and Diasporas
An Academic Journey to India
A Forgotten Heroine
Female Subject and Pursuit of Playfulness
A Safe And Secure Passage Through Life
Why Ghettoization Happens
Punitive States/Weak States
Development Realities
Overcoming Caste Today?
Rich Histories
Strategizing the Security Matrix
Uncommon Rulers
Incompatibility Thesis Examined: Islam and Democracy
Enemies of ‘Living Religion’
Evolution of a Religion
Of Ownership and Control
Early gains, Later Strains
Relevance Of Nonviolence
Politicizing the Muslim Ideal
The Mosque as Symbol
Mythological Sagas
Militant Or Moderate?
Living At The Edge
The 'Wise' Ones
Tracing Linguistic History
Contextualizing Ritualism
Peace Process in Sri Lanka
Defining Human Security
Evolution of a Programme
Territory as a Social Construct
Narrativizing History And Causality
A Blueprint for Reconstruction
Seeking Peace in Sri Lanka
Revolution’s Long Shadow
The Debate Extended
Cross Country Growth Experiences
Exercises in Interpretation
Seeking Linkages
Complex Interstices
A LivingTradition
Of Two Volatile States
Search for a Liberal Political Tradition
Reforming Agendas
Creativity Amidst Loss
Commercial Sex Workers of Bangladesh: Policies and Practices
Realistic Prognoses
Celebrating Plurality
Intersections, Interpellation and Collision
The Burmese Enigma
Small Towns, Grand Ideas
Perils of a National Security State
A Multifaceted Life
A Journey of Discovery
Micro-finance at Centre-stage
In a Human Security Framework
Role of the 'Islamic' Factor
Capturing An Idea
Making History of their Choice
Womens Sexuality in a Plural Temporal Expanse
Bangladesh History as Structure
A Wide-angle Perspective
Displacing Class with Ethnicity
A Critique of Hybrid Islam
Imperatives of National Interest
Consistencies And Variations
The Other Tamils of Sri Lanka
Mysterious/Opulent, Evil?
Brutalizing the Young
Unending Conflict
Human Development: Two Kinds or One?
Antecedents from the Past
Battling Odds
People-Related Security Issues
Making Of A Jehadi
Global Frameworks
Towards An Inclusivist Discourse
Dynamics of Development Initiatives
That Entrenched Malady
Voice of Experience
Retrieving Hidden Jewels of the Sanskrit Deep
Migrants from the Frontier
Contesting Terrains
Alternative Approaches
Call for Transnational Jihad
Speaking of Suffering
At The Crossroads
Politics and Angst of Migrant Identity
Lusting After Sun and Moon
Trajectories of Political Change
Action Plan for the Northeast
‘Insider’ Accounts
Defining Reconciliation
Complexities of A Social System
Complex Realities
Of A Mystery Man in Urdu Literature
Cartographies of Struggle

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