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Dhaka Se Wapsi Par
The Lure of Travel
From the Centre to the Periphery A Shifting Focus of Islamization
Travels Across Time: Memory and History
Traveller’s Tale
A Subaltern Brahmin Narrative
Travelogue As A Slice Of History
Remembering A Town Called Dehra
Exploring The Wondrous Global South
The Anguish Of Unbelonging
A Journey with a Purpose
Sounds Smells and Voices
Technology and Lived Experience
Changing Equations
Through the Looking-Glass
Floating Butterflies and Stinging Bees
Indian Rail: Past and Present
An Academic Journey to India
A Mountain Saga
Xuanzang’s Journey
Explorations in a Rational Mode
Non-pilgrim on a Holy Trail
Linguistic Deconstruction (On the Road)
The Empire Travels Back
Perceptions and Impressions
From Afghanistan to Tibet via India
Of Times Without Boundaries
Many Representations
Between Civilizations
Hands Across Borders
A Chronicle of Love and Loss

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