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Volume XXXIII No 2
Volume XXXIII No. 2

Volume XXXIII No. 2 - FEBRUARY 2009

  The everyday, the exotic and the extraordinary
  Indian Cinema at the Berlin Film Festival
  A Theory of Cinema that Can Account for Indian Cinema
  The Age of Possibilities: The Indian Documentary
  Cinema's Silk Routes
  Shadows in the Clear Light of Day: Making Tales of the Night Fairies
  CFSI and Children's Cinema in India
  Cinema, Piracy and Temporality
  Film Censorship in India: An Intriguing Phenomenon
  Politics of Visibility
  Marathi Cinema: Return of the Native
  Contemporary Malayalam Cinema
  Transfer of Charisma: Star Politicians of Tamil Nadu
  Celebration of a 'Rasa' Called Disgust in Tamil Cinema
  Tamil Cinema and Comedy: An Overview
  Humanism in Hindi Cinema
  Of Superstars and Naxalites
  Revising Popular Bangla Cinema of the 1950s
  The Age of Imitation
  Islamicate Imaginaries in Bombay Cinema*
  The Bai and the Dawn of Hindi Film Music (1925-1945)
  Trends in Hindi Film Music
  The Critical Quill
  Writing the Industry
  Where is the Vamp?
  Straddling Art and Commerce
  The Hindi Devotional Film

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