Amar Farooqui

Amar Farooqi is with the Department of History, University of Delhi, Delhi.
Shifting Focus of Historical Research
Reappraising an Intellectual Legacy
A Fascinating Tale
A Story Of Lost Opportunities
Bengal at the Time of the Revolt
In Defence of the Liberal Vision
Re-presenting An Icon
Evolution Within a Framework of Custom
Getting to Know Black Athena
Reflecting on Our Past
Indian Career of an Italian Orientalist
Of National Icons
Probing Interconnections
A Multifaceted Survey
History Through Lives
How A Dispute Was Manufactured
Of Lies, Deceipt and Violence
The Debate Over 1857
A Celebration Of Empire
Recovering the Real Bhagat Singh
A ‘Useful’ Colonial Construct?
Flagging the Partition Debate
History of a Revolt

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