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Amiya P. Sen

Amiya P. Sen is with the Department of History & Culture, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
Reconstructing A History of Ideas
Encountering the Unusual
Of Ascetics and Traditions
Does Dissent Endure?
Reflections on Different Approaches
A Study In Paradoxes And Subtleties
Philosophical Perspectives
A Historical Narrative
In Search of Aurobindo
Theoretical Insights Grounded in Empirical Research
Recollections of Parthada —The Man and His Work
Analysing Theoretical Constructs
A Compendium of Information
Books On Religion And About It: Critical Reflections
Vivekananda Compendiums
Simulation and Imagination
Paradigm of 'Service'
Myriad Ramifications of Self-Immolation
Ideas And Praxis: A Creative Dialogue
The Question of Identity Formation
Questioning Certitudes: Thoughts Across Cultures
A Prisoner of Presuppositions
Historicizing Cultural Antecedents
Understanding Social Praxis
Biography with a Difference
Interpreting Form and Reality
The Self and the World in its Myriad Forms
Of Siva, Religious and Cultural Space
World Renouncers and Men of the World
Of the Historical and the Hagiographic
Reassessing a Modern Thinker
Understanding the Prophet and Patriot
An Enigmatic Work

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