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G.J.V. Prasad

G.J.V. Prasad is a Chairperson, Centre for English Studies, School of Language Literature & Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
The Art and Act of Translation
Grassroots Realities Fictionalized
An Eye-Witness Account
A Feel-Good Novel
Caught in a Web of Action and Reaction
Deft Vignettes
A Poignant World
A Dissenting Perspective
The Visual and the Verbal
Gandhis Years in South Africa
Vagaries of Life
Of Ordinary Lives/Ordinary Times
A Book About Death
‘New Songs of Experience’
Scrutinizing Jigsaw Puzzles
Idea of Nation-ness Through Literature
The Coming-of-Age Story
Of Celluloid Dreams and Revenge Comedy
A Debut Novel
Travelling Across Time
The Creative and the Critical
Defying Classification
Of Realities And Magic
A Bitter Cup of Tea
Subcontinental English Writers
Re-viewing the Canon
Affirmations of Life
About Obsessions
Across Disciplinary Borders

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