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Mala Pandurang

Mala Pandurang is the Head of the Department of English, Dr BMN College, Matunga, Mumbai. mpandu@yahoo.com
Complex Relationships
Between Birth and Death
Creeping Discontent
Exploring Transitional Spaces
Journeying on the Raft of Life
The Trope of Space in Indian Writing in English
Maiden Ventures
Mapping the Itineraries of Scholarship
Exploring 'Indianess'
A Multilayered Tale
Chinua Achebe
That Man Woman Partnership
Narrative Responses and Beyond
Of Vibrant Hybridity
Perceptions and Impressions
Polemics of Translation
A Treat for Achebe Fans
An "Other" India
Gendered Experience
The ‘Other’ World Of Migrants
'Recovering' Experiences: Women's Trauma in War
Chinua Achebe
A Sensitive Rendering
A Life Narrative
War and Peace
Loss and Longing

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