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Meena Bhargava

Meena Bhargava is Associate Professor in the Department of History, Indraprastha College, University of Delhi, Delhi.
Writing History With A Difference
Debating A Text
Nuancing Historical Analyses
Furthering a Non-Communal Understanding of History
A Bygone Lifestyle
Power, Legitimacy, Authority
In An Antique Land
History with a Difference
Dilli O Dilli
Fluid Categories and Boundaries
Illustrating Craft
Zebunissa, Her Relatives and the Period
Rituals of Power
The Politics of Race
Nuanced Urban Processes
Tale of Power and Splendour
A Royal Chronicle
Telling Lives
A Wide-spectrum Analysis
Ecosystems and Development
The Colonial Project Defined
An Empirical Account
Architecture in the Evolution of a City
Re-Visiting Medieval Indian History
Pathway to Knowledge
New Fields of Inquiry
Colonial Capitalism and the Natural World
Two Art Collections Integrated

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