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Partho Datta

Partho Datta teaches at Zakir Husain Evening College, New Delhi.
Actualizing A Dream
Presenting Historical Imagination Via Cartography
The Punjab Tradition
Sarvepalli Gopal: A Mixed Legacy
Updating Khayal History
Essential Readings
Perennially Fascinating Accounts
Historiography and Historians
Music Galore
Beethoven Among the Bengalis
Stalwart Vocalists
Of Music and Musicians
Lata's Story
Music And The Metropolis
Stalwarts of Hindustani Music
The Human Face of Great Masters
Companion to Hindustani Music
The Abha Cylinders
Spiced Reality
Record of A Dhrupad Family
A Contemporary Survey
Depicting the Real Amir
Traversing Diverse Cultural Tracks
Pioneering Book
Recording a By-gone Era
Reliving A Legend

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