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P.R. Chari

P.R. Chari is Research Professor at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi
Credible Minimum Or Minimum Credible Juggling With Semantics
Of a Misadventure Under the Nuclear Shadow
A Bunch of Letters
The Fourth Round
Zia’s Bomb
Dogmas of Deterrence
Global Perceptions
How Stable is Deterrence?
Uncovering A Dark Chapter
Attributes of the Administrator
Whither the Nuclear Deal?
The Plus and Minus of Building a Dam
A Sorry Commerce
Beyond the Beaten Track
Russians Are Coming
Implications of A Colonial Enterprise
An Index to Stirring Times
Stark Realities
Dr. Raja Ramanna—A Tribute
Evergreen Tales
Terrorism: Weapon of the Weak?
Beyond Universal Solutions
The Terrorist Knows No Borders
Reminiscences of a Soldier Turned Writer
Analysing Tensions Between Liberty and Order
An Elusive Concept
The Military and the Nation
Unending Conflict
Man Ahead of His Times
Clash of Arms

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