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Susan Visvanathan

Susan Visvanathan is Chairperson at the Centre for the Study of Social Sciences, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
Delineating Difference
Purse and Persuasion
Of Spiritual Transformation
Interdisciplinary Social Science
Nature, Politics and Conservation
Magic Islands and Survival Experiments
Bringing 'Class' Back Into The Debate
Layered World of Malayalis
Idea of a Continuum in Social Analyses
Whose Map/Whose Past?
Traceries of Human Interactions
Between Tradition and Modernity
Granary of Received Wisdom
With No Hope Or Reason
A Good Life
Pop Art as the New Magic
Stories Set in Plural Pasts
Reading Colonialism
Through a Cinematic Framework
Ramana's Life and Words
Reality Byes
Murders in a Bedroom
Shifting, Contextual Discourse of Power
Endearingly Timeless
Of Alienation and Displacement
Hope and Belonging

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